NYC's Donald the Tramp asserts Logan Square's Nacho not an American!


Vote for Nacho's legal!

In the race for top dog in the 2012 Beneful® Dream Dog Park Contest, New York City's Donald the Tramp accused Logan Square's Nacho of not being an American. The Donald's plan has been foiled, but Nacho needs your vote!

"I had Nacho's DNA tested," explains Nacho's human, Roxann Ruiz. "He is an American. He is a mix of Yorkie (Yorkshire) and Papillon! Furthermore, he has nacho chip looking ears." But The Donald is not Nacho's only competitor. There are 8 other competitors trying to nose him out.

This battle is not over heritage, or even a nice prize for the dog and human, it is for the community. The winning canine's favorite place, in Nacho's case it is Logan Square Dog Park, will receive a $500,000 Dream Dog Park makeover by three Beneful® Dream Team members. That award could benefit many, many area "doglets" and their humans.

All you have to do is to click this link and vote for Nacho... every day through Nov. 7. Remember multiple voting is the Chicago way! And be sure to get your friends and family to give Nacho a paw up too.

Beneful® Dream Team, for this 3rd nation-wide contest, consists of TV's Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet; Jason Cameron, licensed home improvement contractor and television personality; and Arden Moore, an animal behavior consultant who helps people and pets better connect.

Nacho has done his part for the community. He wrote an essay (see below) and starred in this video and was selected to be among the 10 finalists from across the country. His human has proved that he is an American, despite The Donald's challenge. Now you, your neighbors, friends and family need to pitch in so that the Logan Square Dog Park can have a new leash on life. Vote for Nacho!


Logan Square Dog Park supporters encourage people to vote for Nacho as they head to Haas Park for Halloween celebrations

Nacho's essay:

"I always appreciate my human. She feeds me nutritious meals every day, walks me even when it’s wet or cold, and takes my health to heart. For these reasons and many more my love and companionship are unflappable. However, I am not certain she understands all I do to build our community.

I believe my cute mug and congenial nature draw people in when we tour our beautiful neighborhood. All this touring and socializing has gotten my person really involved in the community. One thing she has passion for is creating a park where my friends and I can exercise and socialize safely.

Our park would be a “barking lot” equipped with a car themed agility course and “doggie car wash” to cool us off in the summer. The lot would have a separate section for compact dogs and lighting fueled by poop. It would also have a "doggie car port" to shield us from the sun and unpredictable Chicago weather.

My human has been working with a lot of others to make something great come together. We live in a neighborhood called Logan Square and it is filled with a large and broad assortment of dogs. I guess the people seem really diverse too but they all seem to come together on this one cause to make our lives better. Think about Logan Square in Chicago. Our people and the consumers of your tasty food would appreciate it."



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