"Alice in Berlin" will join the "Mad Hatter Tea Party" at Out of Line art gallery for two nights only


Rainbow Kitty, as the White Rabbit, joins her friends "In this style"

The interactive installation of Alice in Berlin this weekend, Oct. 19 and 20, will add to the fun and charm of the Mad Hatter Tea Party in artist Ayala Leyser's Out of Line art gallery.

Off the beaten path, it is located at 2812 W. Chicago Ave. There is street parking and a bus stop outside. 

Alice in Berlin

Initially installed in Berlin, Germany, in 2012, then in New York City last month, Alice in Berlin, produced by Ruth Sergel, brings an interesting art experience into our area for two evenings only. Each night, doors open at 6 p.m. and Sergel will do questions and answers beginning at 7:30 p.m. There is a $5 cover.

There is a short animated film before Alice leaps off the page and lures each audience member into a topsy-turvy world where 19th century images collide with iconic moments of the 20th century. In front of the looking glass, fantasy and reality merge as Alice fluidly mirrors the viewer's every move. 

Each scene of the interactive installation builds on the audience's physical participation to question our place in history and individual accountability. 

Mad Hatter Tea Party


Ayala Leyser toasts the artists and their work

The Mad Hatter, Alice, the Red Queen, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Dormouse and others are depicted in the mixed media pieces which make up Mad Hatter Tea Party, open thru Nov. 4, in Out of Line. 

It is a tribute to Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland by several artists including: JoJo Baby, Hans Ulrich, Marianna Buchwald, Scott Becker, Lynn Chalupa, Andrew DelaRosa, Jeff Hughart, Peter Jones, Ayala Leyser, Alan Emerson Hicks and Rainbow Kitty. 


Leyser's "Mad Hatter Tea Party"

Curated by gallery owner and artist Leyser, the show brings together an eclectic gathering of whimsy to give viewers an opportunity to be in their child mode as they too participate in the tea party.

Who doesn't, after all, smile at the idea of talking gibberish at a tea party with Alice and her friends? 


Silky Jumbo appears to be reaching for Daniel Parker (c) as he and Alan Emerson Hicks model Hick's hats

"Mad Hatter Tea Party," Leyser's homage to Carroll and Alice, took two-and-a-half years to create. It is a marvel of recycled elements such as plastic bottles made into flowers and bottle tops made into parts of other creatures. Two of her other pieces are fun too. "The Dream of a Retired Fisherman" in a tub and "I never blow my top off, so who is that?" 


JoJo and Silky converse

JoJo Baby has several pieces in the show including the beloved 10-foot Silky Jumbo doll which is in its second incarnation. Originally created some 15 years ago in honor of Mark Bazant, a former stilt walker, JoJo's creation always makes this writer smile. In this exhibit, he does not disappoint. 

During the opening party,


Andrew DelaRosa's copper fish


The Red Queen and the Mad Hatter opening

JoJo was once again memorable in his unique make up and costume while Alan Emerson Hicks modeled his hats made from pop-top can tops.

Royalty was represented in the form of the Red Queen, portrayed by Lynn Chalupka. 

Street artist Andrew DelaRosa's pieces were of fish while one of Rainbow Kitty's works represents the theme…The Mad Hatter Tea Party.

"I painted this as a Russian box with the black background," explained Kitty. 

These pieces and more may be seen at Out of Line Gallery between 3 to 6 p.m. daily and by appointment. However, please call first at 847.224.9344.



Mask Performance Oct.23.7pm, Out of Line Gallery

Early Halloween Party: Mime play : Little Red Riding-Hood meets Monsanto. Doors open at 7, play starts at 7:30 pm Choreographed and directed by Marianna Buchwald. Live music composed and conducted by Renee Baker and two Chicago musicians. Narrative by Ayala Leyser. Marianna Buchwald is a performance artist and a Mime instructor in Rogers Park IL. Renee Baker is a composer, a conductor and a viola player, sometimes all at the same time…Presently she is the director of the Chicago Simfonietta. She is an unsatiated innovator and experimenter, and will perform yet in another exciting experiment/concert at the gallery on Nov 6 & 7 2013 Masks and costumes are welcome as will a chance to introduce your disguised Persona.

Wish I could be there.

Wish I could be there.

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