Fernwey: An eclectically curated art gallery


Fernwey gallery owners Kate Conlon, Bo Hou and Ilan Gutin*

Fernwey, 916 N Damen Ave., located in Ukrainian Village, is a cozy artist-run gallery that exhibits and publishes contemporary works from emerging artists.

Owned and operated by Ilan Gutin, Bo Hou and Kate Conlon, the gallery was started as a means to expose up-and-coming artists, while offering affordable and accessible art to the community.

Featured artists, produce editioned prints, objects and artist books in collaboration with Fernwey.

“That is one of the things we try to focus on with the editions—doing something new that the artist doesn’t normally do, so there is something new and experimental,” Bo says.

Indeed, one of the draws to Fernwey is the opportunity to experience works of art created by artists who step outside their comfort zones.

“We tend to have minimalist taste, while still keeping the shows eclectically curated,” explains Ilan, reflecting on the pieces displayed at Fernwey. An apt description, as each of the three exhibits currently featured have disparate auras, being distinctly interesting and visually palatable.

Each exhibit, which rotates about every five weeks, transitions from the former, much like a great story builds upon previous themes and ideas. Each new Fernwey exhibit builds upon the last, keeping things fresh, while maintaining a sense of familiarity.

Current editions in the gallery are by Susan Giles, Jefferson Pinder and Michael Milano.     

Fernwey is open every Saturday 12 to 4 p.m., though holidays might affect those hours. The current show runs until the end of January.

 Photo: Michael Howard



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