Performance open call: "What remains"


In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery is inviting artists from around the world to make proposals for What Remains, an exhibition and a performance program to occur in Chicago in February 2020.

Since Joseph Ravens founded and directed the Gallery in December 2010, he has collected a huge number of physical "remains" from the many performances at many different venues. 

Dutch artist ieke Trinks'* fascination with Ravens collection inspired him to propose this new project to reanimate and exhibit the collection in collaboration with DFBRL8R. 

"We invite artists to explore the significance of material leftover from performance. What affects an object’s status? What value does it have when it is not specifically an artwork itself, or not intended to be an art object that stands on its own? These materials are relics that once had a functional or symbolic purpose," explains Ravens. 

He goes on to explain that in performance art an object can mean many things, transcending its practical usage. It can be full of symbolism and, at the same time, just a physical object. 

During an action, an object’s identity and shape can change significantly. There are objects that speak for the artist, or invite audience members to participate. In some cases objects are forced into a use for which they were never intended. 

Ravens explains that in theater terms, the objects in performance are called props. It’s been said that the origin of the word props comes from property, the theater company’s property. 

Returning to the idea of property in relation to Raven’s relic collection, will challenge artists with the question of who the actual owner of the object is and to what degree an object can be physically altered. 

What happens with the relic when it is reused in a new performance? This relic will become a relic of two different events. Will this make the relic more valuable? And what if a relic in a broken shape is repaired? Does the relic still exist? 

Trinks and Ravens invite proposals that consider any of these factors, and beyond. 

"This project is an experiment," says Trinks. "We don’t know what to expect and what will come out of it. 

"We are eager to learn not only how the proposals can activate each relic and how they might generate new works, but also how they will touch on and review the earlier performance pieces programmed by Defibrillator in the previous years." 

For more details click here. Applications are available online

Applications are due on Oct. 5. Applicants will be notified on Oct. 15 and the exhibition will run from Feb. 5 to 29, 2020.

*Trinks lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She’s a visual and performance artist, who occasionally organizes performance events in the Netherlands. In the past years she has focused on performance art and its leftovers in different forms, such as memories and photographs. 

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