Vertical Gallery celebrates its first anniversary with fantastic international show


Patrick Hull explains the celebratory show with Canadian Denial's "American Anarchy" exclaiming "winner" behind him

Bringing in Australian artist Ben Frost to curate "Paper Jam" was a spectacular way for Patrick Hull to celebrate the first anniversary of his Vertical Gallery, 1016 N. Western Ave. in Ukrainian Village. It continues through April 26.

In a partnership with the Australian print house Stupid Krap, Hull had approximately 120 pieces by 17 international artists. The commonality is a sheet of paper. Some are originals and some prints. 


Ben Frost

Many of the artists in this show worked with Frost before, but he wanted to have a mix of Australian and International artists. "There are well established artists such as [Anthony] Lister and emerging artists such as Michael Cain," explained Frost. 

Lister is internationally known for his street art and is being called "Australia's  best contemporary artist."

This video below dates back to 2007, but gives you insight to his thoughts and his work.


Michael Cain's "Bird With Bronze"

Michael Cain, the artist, is Melbourne based and has an affinity for bright colors and liquid fluidity in his brush strokes. "I began working with him about a year ago and started making prints for him," says Frost. 


Sometimes Frost uses a package other times he replicates them

In his own work, Frost contrasts packages and childhood characters like Mickey Mouse...not by coincidence. "I've been finding pharmaceutical packages or getting people to send them to me. Juxtaposing an image on top of an object re-purposes it. It makes you look twice. It makes you look at it as more than something that is wrapping something. It gives inner meaning to what the substance of the item is. A drug, for example, is not just something you take that affects your body. It has a long-term effect like addiction and dependence. It's integrated into your life," he explains. 


Anthony Lister's<br /> "Frosty 1"

"It's fascinating talking with those who have been on drugs, particularly the kids who were on things like Ritalin. They'll tell me about the history they had with it when they were a kid and whether it was positive or negative. So you can see the juxtaposition of the imagery is quite childlike. There's a kind of innocence there, a loss of innocence. 

"In a series I did with Mickey Mouse, there was one with a tragedy, happiness duality. The guy who bought a piece told me how and why the piece resonated so much with him. 


The Netherlands' Collin Van Der Sluijs,<br />"Portrait 6"

"He had spend 8 months in back traction. He had a pump to self-medicate. However, when he did that he would hallucinate. His hallucinating episodes often included Mickey Mouse." 

Be sure to take time to visit Vertical before the show ends, it's a good one, full of stories.

The list of the other artists includes:  Shark Toof (US), James Jirat Patradoon (AU), Chris Cunningham (UK), Greg Gossel (US), Hebru Brantley (US), Copyright (UK), Taylor White (US), Mark Drew (AU), Bridge Stehli (UK), Mysterious Al (UK), Dale Keogh (AU) and Numskull (AU). 

Gallery hours are Tuesday  through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. or by appointment and they may also be found online.



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