Views behind Illinois correctional walls via Lloyd DeGrane's lense hang at DreamBox


Cook County Correctional Center

Lloyd DeGrane's photograph exhibit The World Within in Iwona Biedermann's DreamBox Gallery, 2415 W. North Ave., gives a glimpse behind the walls of Illinois correctional facilities.


DeGrane, a Chicagoan, shows how inmates use mirrors to see fellow inmates in other cells

Taken over a 10-year period from 1989 to 2000, DeGrane reflects on his project. "Then I was more of an adventurous explorer of worlds that were foreign and sometimes frightening to me. I knew nothing of the people living or working behind prison walls. 

"Looking back, I realize that I was living in what would eventually become the most incarcerated nation on the planet, I had an intense desire to somehow climb over those walls and experience the world within."
The choice of black and white for these images adds depth, higher impact to their reality. Realizing that the way the inmates see each other in their cells is via mirrors is stunning. Imagine how strange it would be to not be able to directly look at the person to whom you are speaking.
Biedermann feels that it is important that more documentary type journalism should be done and hopes to show more in her Gallery.
The show will be hanging through Sat., July 26.


Views behind Illinois correctional walls via Lloyd DeGrane's

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