Mariano's in Ukrainian Village: "Grocery" list of complaints


Emptied canned goods shelves (Cruz photo)

"Out of stocks were the result of a busy holiday period and shortage of fresh produce from CA earlier this month," says James J. Hyland, Roundy's VP Investor Relations, Corp. Communications and Public Affairs. 
He continues to state that Kroger Co. intends to remodel acquired stores but they have produced no timetable to the public.

In the last few weeks, several area residents have been complaining about empty shelves at Mariano's in Ukrainian Village, 2021 W. Chicago Ave., which opened with much excitement and fanfare in March 2014. 

"I want Mariano's management to see this photos and I want them to understand that this is a fairly regular occurrence. They should know how disappointment drives me to go elsewhere," said Molly Murray, a frequent customer who shared her photos with Our Urban Times.  

The problems according to store manager, Jared Anderson, are because of the "weather, staffing during the holiday and shortages at the warehouse." However, these complaints go further back than this holiday season. 


Emptied refrigerated space (Murray photo)

In June, "One of the worst Mariano's. Poor management. Shelves empty. Store dirty. Don't even bother with the produce section, unless your seven feet tall and like rotten vegetables. It's like musical chairs with the fruit especially with the apples- never in the same spot," was one online comment. 

In July, "I stopped by here on a Saturday afternoon to pick up a six-pack ... Then I was sifting through some mis-shelved stuff and boom, there it was hiding in the back as if it were waiting just for me...Actually, they would have had plenty of good choices if they simply kept their shelves in stock." 


Reduced produce stock (Murray photo)

Another disgruntled shopper said in December, "...why would I bother coming to this grocery store when there are hundreds of others, and other Mariano's that ARE better? And when I have thought about complaining in person, no one is ever at the customer service desk so why waste my time even more? My only recourse is complaining about it [online]...Apparently no one is paying attention to other sources of customer feed back." 

"I stopped going there over a year ago. Literally mold on produce, unhelpful staff and no cold white wine with a wine chiller that doesn't work! I didn't bother to complain because it happened numerous times so I just stopped giving them my business," said another former customer this last week.  

Other verbal comments about the store relate to the location of products and how the aisles are difficult to navigate because of their configuration. When the store opened, management said that the store would be "reconfigured later." According to Anderson, the store setup is determined by Roundy's*. Roundy's was unavailable for comment. 


Chicago Ave. Mariano's

Having a food store at this location has been important to community residents and others who work in or frequent the area. 

"In comparison to Edmar Foods [which closed in 2006 before Dominick's took over the space], going to Mariano's is like going to the Ritz," says Suzi Wahl who lives close by. "They have been a good community partner. They give food to 30 students in Mitchell School regularly." 

While they are a small store in comparison to Mariano's on Ashland and Webster, they serve the needs of the local community, commented Bill Dahms, Wahl's husband, who frequents the store daily.  Both say that any time they have complained the staff has rectified the issue and that they are very friendly. 

According to Dahms, Anderson, who has been on the job for three months, is the third manager for the Chicago Ave. store. 

As expressed in the December comment above, to many, it would be more encouraging if Mariano's expressed interest in customers' concerns and complaints. 

Roundy's is the parent company of Mariano's. Kroger Co. completed a tender offer of Roundy's, Inc. stock at a $3.60 per share in cash on Dec. 17. The offer, was for approximately 33,144,128 shares, 67.138 percent of Roundy's outstanding shares. 

Bob Mariano is to continue to lead Roundy's as president and CEO. "Our merger with Kroger will help us continue to exceed our customers' expectations," said Mariano who has served as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Roundy's since 2002.

*Photo sources: Molly Murray and Kristina Cruz 





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