Snowflakes rising in Wicker Park and Bucktown made possible by SSA #33


Snowflakes being attached to light poles along Western Ave.

While residents keep hoping for another wave of warm weather, the commercial streets in the Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods are being decked out with large white snowflakes thanks to WPB SSA #33.


Two containers house the decorations

Housed in two large containers, all 525 plus large white metal snowflakes as well as the "bike" lights for over Damen Ave. along The 606 will be installed in the next few days. Lights in the Polish Triangle at Milwaukee, Ashland and Division, which are now permanently installed, will be recalibrated for the upcoming holidays as well. 

Adding to the holiday décor, the large planters along the 13 miles of commercial streets in SSA #33 will be refreshed with winter displays, bringing life to the Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods' traffic challenged streets, due to the pandemic. 


"Bikes" over Damen Ave on The 606 last year

"We [the commissioners] unanimously agreed to continue funding the holiday decorations and snow removal for this winter, despite the fact that we are concerned about receiving the full tax levy due to the coronavirus," explains David Ginople, Commission Chair, SSA #33. "We felt that it was important to spruce up the area for our businesses, residents and visitors during the holiday season." 

The Commission
The Wicker Park Bucktown Special Service Area (WPB SSA #33) was originally established in 2005. It is the business improvement district for the Wicker Park & Bucktown neighborhoods. "It provides supplemental services and programs to promote prosperity and maintain clean, attractive, and competitive commercial districts and unique qualities of life of the Wicker Park Bucktown area." 

Directed by a commission of volunteer stakeholders, SSA #33 is administered by the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce. 

Commissioners must own or rent property that is included in the SSA taxing district. The commission meets monthly. To learn more about becoming a commissioner, review information about the commission and how to become a commissioner. 

Six committees address specific topics covered by the commission. Members of these committees are not required to be a stakeholder on the SSA's streets.


Snowflakes along Milwaukee Ave. at Moffat and Oakley with The 606 in the distance



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