Dear Mr. Trump: February 22, 2017

Marsha Ramps

Historic photo of Teddy Roosevelt in North Carolina

Re: Reflections on  President's Day:

Dear Mr. Trump; 

Because the executive branch is focused on a single individual who commands vast powers and has many roles to play both foreign and domestic, when the president speaks, people listen. In effect, he controls the dialog.

Theodore Roosevelt referred to this aspect of the presidency as a “bully pulpit”. But after catching your press conference last week where you called the media “...the enemy of the people” I think I’d just say you are a bully. 

In some corporate worlds, in order to get ahead, one must seek out the other end, so to speak, and do a little (or a lot) of arse-kissing. But if you’re the son of the boss then you start at the top and it’s everyone else that has to kiss yours and sadly you’ve never known the pleasure. This is your history, Mr. Trump. All this groveling must have eventually gone to your head – you actually believe it! – and perhaps this could explain your narcissism. 

So I’m not surprised when you dump on the press; it must be oh so tiresome when they just keep asking you all those questions over and over again instead of flattering the inner perfection that is you.

But if you could be honest enough for a moment and say the media “ the enemy of me” then I could finally say we have something we can agree on; in my humble missives in this publication I am proud to say...guilty as charged! 

Happy Un-president’s Day, Mr. T.



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