Dear Mr. Trump: March 26, 2017

Marsha Ramps

President Trump and House Speaker Ryan caught by the Daily Kos

Re: Kremlin Watching 

Dear Mr. Trump,

I’m old enough to remember Kremlin Watching, the game where sometimes the only way to determine the goings on in the USSR was to observe the politburo members on the Red Square reviewing stand at one of Moscow’s frequent patriotic parades; their position or whether they were there at all, told one volumes about the direction of their government. 

So it was with delight that I see the practice has been revived in your administration and instead of the reviewing stand (this is a new century!) we now have Rupert Murdoch’s empire. But I’ve come across some contradictory evidence re the fate of one politburo member, Paul Ryan, and I’d like some advice before I call my bookie. 

First you Tweet for everyone to tune in Saturday to Jeanine Pirro, one of the apparatchiks (or should I say apparat-chicks) at the Pravda outlet Fox News. Ms. Pirro says “Paul Ryan needs to step down as speaker of the House. The reason? He failed to deliver the votes on his health care bill.” 

But then I go to another Pravda outlet this morning, The Wall Street Journal, and Chris Krueger, a political strategist says “Ryan is probably safe as speaker because nobody particularly wants to be Henry VIII’s next wife. Between the centrists and the Freedom Caucus folks, the House is like Lord of the Flies right now.” 

So Mr. Trump, I know you’re getting some much needed relaxation at your dacha Mar-a-Lago, but before I (literally) place my bet could you clue me in? Is Ryan in or out?





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