Dear Mr. Trump: May 21, 2017

Marsha Ramps

Re: Hang in there!

Dear Mr Trump,

Hang in there! 

Yes, strange advice coming from me, but hear me out.

The longer you stay in office, the lesser the chances:

  • Republicans will be able to harm the working people of this country
  • 24 million people will lose their medical insurance
  • the rich will get yet another tax cut
  • the deficit will balloon
  • the air, water and land will be degraded
  • ...on and on and on

A president Pence, who knows how to keep his mouth shut and who actually worked with a legislative body to get laws passed, will give the Republicans a shot at enacting their agenda.

Remember Pence’s religious “freedom” bill in Indiana? That’s just the start!

So just keep doing what you’re doing and keep those tweets coming. And hang in there!


Photo source: Pintrest 



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