Meet The Robey Chicago


Atop the former North West Tower building, the flag announces the building and hotel's new name...The Robey Chicago

While the long awaited new name for the North West Tower Building has not been officially announced, it has been literally run up the flag pole at the corners of Milwaukee, North and Damen in Wicker Park. Meet The Robey Chicago. 

After being announced as the operator for the new hotel in March 2014, Grupo Habita and Convexity* began working on naming the building and hotel. 

Not an easy task, they and their naming consultants pondered many possibilities which not only needed to be unique but, they felt, needed to be an homage to the history of the area. 

Their choice of Robey is the name used for what is now known as Damen Ave. Initially named Grove Street, it was named Robey in 1895 and Damen in 1927. 

Scheduled to open, hopefully, in mid-October, the hotel operators are working on their marketing plans and their official announcement of the name. 

While the original project configuration and the completion date were challenged by unexpected findings on the ground and in the air, the buildings exterior restoration is amazing. 


Milnoro Building**

With the street level windows scheduled to be coming in soon, the historic intersection that welcomed the North West Tower in 1929 as a replacement for the Milnoro Building, built in 1885, will soon be regal once again. 


View of The Robey from North Ave. west of Milwaukee and Damen

Re-purposing the tower to be a successful center of commerce for the area has taken more than 40 years. For all those who appreciate the architecture and history of the area, this is a victory that will serve generations to come. 

Don Wilson and his staffs are to be thanked and congratulated for the respectful way that they have preserved two of Wicker Park's iconic properties, the Noel State Bank (Walgreen's) and now the North West Tower building. 

*The purchase of the North West Tower and Hollander Fireproof Warehouse plus two additional lots to the north was by the partnership of Don Wilson, head of DRW Holdings, LLC and AJ Capital Partners. Convexity, the real estate and management arm of DRW, has been the team that has been working on

the development which is being done under the name of 1600 N. Milwaukee Ventures LLC.

**From Wicker Park Between 1673 and 1929 and Walking Tour Guide



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