Bumper crop of attendees and sales at Wicker Park Plant Sale and Workshops


Wide variety of plants awaited early shoppers

A bumper crop of attendees soaked up knowledge and inspiration then bought a record number of items at this year's Wicker Park Plant Sale and Workshops on May 1 and 2.

The economy showed its influence on purchases during this year's event according to Wicker Park Garden Club's Doug Wood.  Denise Browning, who was responsible for purchasing the plants said  "This year we ordered with the economy in mind.  We ordered  no shrubs and reduced  our perennials drastically.  We greatly increased our herbs and vegetables, while slightly increasing our annuals for shade and sun.  Sales confirmed our decisions."


Denise Browning (right) is giving planting suggestions as she checks out shoppers.

"Many gardeners were interested in container gardening for tomatoes, particularly determinate tomatoes which are bushy rather than tall and vine-like," Browning commented.  "It was impressive that the shoppers knew so much about that type of crop."  The workshops also had a record number of attendees.


Beth Botts smiles after her sold out workshop about small space vegetable gardening.

Approximately fifty volunteers came from all over the city and suburbs to participate in this year's event.  Hours of time were expended for two days of preparation on Thursday and Friday as well as sales on Saturday and Sunday.


By mid Sunday, selections were narrowing

In total there were more students and more shoppers too.  All seemed interested in focusing their time and energy on their homes this summer and fall, instead of spending time and money out of town.

Some remaining plants will be for sale in the park on Sat., May 15.  Just look for the gardeners, they will have a table with the available plants.



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