As more meetings are set demanding crime and violence answers, Hopkins raises warnings


Alderman Hopkins, 2nd Ward

The increase of crime throughout the West Town and Logan Square Community Areas is prompting various meetings to focus on crime and violence. Alderman Brian Hopkins, 2nd Ward, says that caution must be given to the Department of Justice's reports suggesting certain actions that could make matters worse.

The Greater Goethe Neighborhood Association will be addressing it on Thurs., Feb. 2, with 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack in Haas Park, 2402 N. Washtenaw at Fullerton, starting at 6:30 p.m. 

On Feb. 6, 1st Ward Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno is having a Community Meeting on Public Safety in partnership with Kim Shepherd, CAPS Facilitator of Beat 1221. Edward Kulbida, 12th District Commander, Chicago Police Department (CPD) will be present but due to it being Ward Night for 27th Ward Alderman Roberto Maldonado, he will most likely not be present. Illinois House State Representatives may join in. The location is the lower level Conference Room, 1613-35 W. Chicago, at 6 p.m. 

The Feb. 8 meeting is the CAPS Beat 1424 meeting with Aldermen Hopkins, Moreno and Waguespack along with 14th District CPD Commander Saldana. 

Residents are encouraged to attend their CAPS meetings. There is more information about what CAPS is and how it works on the CPD site. CAPS events for the 12th District and the 14th Districtare online. The CAPS office in the 12th District can be reached at 312.746.8306 and in the 14th District can be reached at 312.744.1261. 


Lieutenant Price and UVNA Acting President George Matwyshyn

First Community Meeting
The dialogue about public safety in the neighborhoods began at the Ukrainian Village Neighborhood Association's (UVNA) January 19 meeting in J&M Tap, 957 N. Leavitt. 

Alderman Brian Hopkins, 2nd Ward, and Chicago Police Department's 12th District Lieutenant Price addressed more than a shooting at Fatso's Last Stand, 2258 W. Chicago. 

Hopkins said that public safety is of top concern in City Council. Statistics show that petty crimes, which do not feel "petty" to those who experience them, are up in the area. That includes armed robbery, daytime burglaries, package thefts and break-ins to parked vehicles.

He indicated that the merger of the 12th and 13th Districts was part of the problem, considering that the officer count went from around 400 down to 294. 

Pointing out that the problems of safety are not just in the 2nd Ward or even in the local neighborhoods. "Our city is in a crisis, we rise and fall as a city. This rise is unacceptable." 

Sitting on a committee that is vetting police reform, he explained that it is important that the police reform does not hamper their "ability to enforce the law, protect us and uphold their oath to serve and protect." 

Referring to the DOJ report about CPD, he said that he felt that some of their suggestions could increase crime activity and decrease the number of arrests. "People don't think that they will get caught. That is one of thing driving the increase of robberies and break ins."


Crime and violence caused many to attend UVNA meeting



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