Tuesdays at the Triangle June 3: Carly is back with her hoops and Free Street Theatre debuts


Carly with her hoops

One of the most popular 2013 Tuesdays at the Triangle events was Carly and her hoops. She returns to the Polish Triangle this Tuesday, June 3, at 6 p.m. while the Free Street Theatre debuts at 8 p.m.

The Triangle is where Division Street, Ashland and Milwaukee Avenues meet and where the Polish Triangle Coalition (PTC*) is presenting 16 weeks of FREE entertainment this summer on Tuesdays. 

Everyone has a chance to learn or practice the art of hula hooping starting at 6 p.m. and to be entertained and inspired by the members of the Free Street Theatre (FST) starting as they debut on the Triangle at 7 p.m. 


Pierogi Wagon offers tasty delights

On streets and on stages since 1969, FTS youth-created work has been presented around Chicago. This week, they will present short scenes and monologues from different pieces of work.

June 10--The Chicago Overground Series
Uncanned Music premiers their progressive jazz Chicago Overground Serieson  June 10 at Tuesdays at the Triangle for the full two hours (6-8 p.m.).  


It will feature original music by Chicago composer Matt Ulery. His ensemble The Shepherd and the Herd, with have over 20 performers, includes Polish vocalist Grazyna Auguscik. 


Near North Montessori Orchestra

If you don't participate in this event in the Triangle…you will definitely be Square! 

Part I of T@T 2014
The season began on May 20 with a lively two hours thanks to many talented, enthusiastic students from Near North Montessori School (NNM) and the Adventure Stage's Trailblazers. 


Near North Montessori Choir

NNM's orchestra, violinists, singers and dancers all performed a variety of work and they were enjoyed and supported by a large audience that increased as people came and went on various modes of transportation… bicycles, bus, train, foot and car. 


Trailblazer flash mob brought smiles to many faces

Using a flash mob technique, the Trailblazers greeted people coming and going on public transportation. Travelers were cheered, applauded, photographed and given balloons and  pieces of paper printed with things like "Keep being awesome!" 


Trailblazers offered a birthday party too

At other spots on the Triangle there was a birthday party and a place to turn trash to art.

Part II of T@T 2014
Let it just be said that it was so wet on May 27 that only the organizers were present until they were swept away by the falling rain!

*PTC is a consortium of local community and educational groups whose mission is to improve the surroundings around the Polish Triangle by creating a more pleasant and lively environment



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