For you: Participate in planning the 12th and 14th Police District goals


Community members and police officers participate in discussion at the 14th District's first planning session

While many community members participated with Chicago Police Department's 12th and 14th Districts community cafes a couple of weeks ago, now more can participate. Next week both districts are having the second round in the creation of the District Policing Strategic Plans. 


Alderman Waguespack participating in table discussions

You have the opportunity to be part of determining your district's policing plans. 

On Mon., Apr. 1, Holstein Park, 2200 N. Oakley Ave., will be the location for the 14th District event. The 12th's event will be on Tues., Apr. 2, at the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, 1140 W. Jackson Blvd. Both are from 6 to 8 p.m. 

One of the results of the Consent Decree to overhaul the Chicago Police Department was the need for community engagement. It is detailed in the July 2018 Community Engagement document. It includes some goals to better connect community members with officers, based on the comments and concerns expressed in various meetings around the Decree. 

Using the World Café method, each CPD District began to engage their communities a couple of weeks ago in a public event. 

"Using this new method to create district plans makes it a collaborative versus feedback process," explains 19th District Commander Marc Buslik. Former commander of the 14th District, Buslik was part of developing the community policing concept that began in the 1980s. He went on to be part of its authoring.  

"This will provide better information and better decisions," said Buslik. 


Commander Saldana

"I think they [the police] are going to find out a bunch of things that they have not heard before from CAPS and community meetings," says 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack. "This interaction is a real community builder and it helps CAPS and officers do a better job."

"This is an historic event in the City of Chicago for the Chicago Police Department," says Commander Fabian Saldana, 14th District. 

"Previous to this, it has always been one sided," says Saldana. "We [the police] would take the crime statistics and go with our missions based on that. We never asked the community about what they were interested in. 

"Now we have them participating and it shares responsibility between police and members of the community. As police officers we are members of the community we work in. Some of us live here. But now community members are participating in our planning." 


Daniel La Spata, 1st Ward Alderman-elect (r), participated in the discussions

In each district, CPD officers have gone over the issues focused on in the first meeting and broken them into categories. In each category they defined three priorities. 

"During next week's meetings, we [the police] will explain to community members that these are what we heard and how they compared to our statistics," explains Sergeant Adam Henkels, 14th District CAPS office. "Community members can then express what they think and feel about these points and add to them or change them." 

"The room configuration will be different this time," says Elizabeth "Liz" Rios, 14th District CAPS Community Organizer. "People will be in chairs [theater style] then move to tables aligned with specific priorities throughout the evening." 

Attendees at the first meetings were enthusiastic. Their comments included:

"It is good to see more people involved."

"There were new faces from the community."

"I met people from different areas of the district."

"I heard things I never knew about our district."

"It was easier to say what I think in this event."

After the event in your district. Let us know about your experience below!


Intense conversations included all ages



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