Shed your gray winter doldrums...experience beautiful landscape design creation


Four season border

The winter weather greatly limits our outside activities and that is a drag. The Chicago region is lacking in snow and snow sports. So, why not learn to create and experience beautiful landscape designs each Saturday and meet a group of people interested in learning and creating? Why not learn to create a better landscape for your home, business or park this winter and then install it next spring?


Parkway design

For the sixth year, the Wicker Park Garden Club is offering The Home Landscape Design Workshop on Saturdays from Jan.12 to Feb. 23, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. each week at Wicker Park Field House, 1425 N. Damen. All Chicagoland residents are welcome to register for the class; the class is limited to 45 students. Nine professionals instruct the students in the elements of landscape design which results in the students creating a new landscape for their home, park, or business. At the end of the class, the students go home with a design to implement or at the very least, they go home with the tools to work more effectively with a professional designer, if they choose to go that route. The designs can be for large estates, parkways, city lots, decks, roof tops, or a few containers. Styles range from formal to native. The class adjusts to and assists those who take it – so, that they can create what works for them.

The workshop illustrates the elements of design:

  • determining usage areas
  • creating a site plan
  • incorporating the architecture of the home into the landscape design
  • exploring hardscape choices for paths and structures
  • creating healthy soil


Students also study various plant palettes that do well in various light and soil conditions. The final designs are sustainable, interesting in all four seasons, and fit the student’s budget.

Students are asked to attend all seven sessions in the series; since the series includes numerous lectures and in-class exercises that all build upon the former classes/exercises. Each week the students will show their home designs and special design exercises to all the other students and the teachers for a critique. These practice designs serve as references for their final designs. Bottom line, the students are given enough exercises to become fluent in the idiom and learn to freely create landscapes for numerous sites. Students learn that nothing is a mistake – it is all part of the design process – which only gets better with practice.


Ornamental grasses

The workshop is taught by Gary Lehman and Shawn Weidner (Landscape Architects); Sam Marts (Architect); Ellen Moderhack, Julie Siegel, Brian Shea, Susan Fontana and JanellaSykes (Garden/Landscape Designers); Carolyn Ulrich (Editor of Chicagoland Gardening Magazine), and Doug Wood (Wicker Park Garden Club). In addition to these instructors, thirteen experienced gardeners work with the students each week: Jim Angrabright, Susan Goss, Denise Browning, Linnea Levy, Richard Tilley, Peggy Thoma, Deborah Cullen, Kelly Wisdom, Donna Forsberg, Betsy Tandy, Paula Collins, Diane Mason, Leslie Zimmerman.


Shade garden

Each year the students have enjoyed the class, have developed long lasting friendships with the other students and the teachers and have done a great job of creating a viable forum where they learned to create beautiful landscapes that have been appreciated by their neighbors and visitors. In addition, the food is great. Most of the students and teachers bring morning food to share – and – they know how to cook!

Signing up for the series is required. Sign up via email or call 773.278.9075. Cost is $100 for the entire 7-part series. Registration is limited to 45 students

The Class is funded in part by Chicago Park District Community Gardens in the Parks and Wicker Park Garden Club



Landscaping design learning

Landscaping design learning is a great workshop where students gets more information about the plant and their importance.It is quite important that landscaping is not only designed for homes but for many other places so long as they have green spaces It plays a pivotal role in improving the quality of our environment.

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