Welcome Mandee Miller to Our Urban Times


Mandee is as comfortable at her desk as in a fitness center

Mandee Miller is an energetic ball of movement and motivation who found her passion. And, her passion is infecting others with a passion for health and fitness.

Her journey began because of family. 

"I come from a line of obesity. My grandmother died of a heart attack when she was in her sixties. And, my mother is also over-weight. I know that that line of genetics is within the scope of possibility for me.

"I fell into fitness when I fell into sports when I was young. I really like to move around. I'm kind of hyper active," she explained.

As a kid, she channeled that energy into healthy activities like sports, cheer leading and theater. In college she got her degree in speech education with a minor in vocal performance.

LA (Los Angeles) was her next stop. "I did those twenties things...improvisational comedy...fitness classes...trying to figure out what I wanted to do.

"In a fitness class, my instructor told me that I should be teaching. That meant a free membership, so I did."

A family illness brought her back to Illinois. Here she went back to school for personal training and determined where her journey is to go.

"I am passionate about health and fitness and motivating others to be themselves, letting their freak flag fly!"

Letting her own "freak flag fly," she now has her own business, which includes working at Bucktown Athletic Club, 2040 W. North Ave.

We are very happy that she has chosen to include Our Urban Times as a way to share her passion with all of you!

Please send us your questions and comment on her stories. She will share motivating news and information every month.



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