Life Coach Margaret Briem looks at Image vs Substance


Margaret Briem

ABC’s Desperate Housewives was a guilty pleasure for many, myself included. What stood out from the beginning for the show was that no matter how perfect the exterior, the interior could be flawed.

What I noticed most was the more manicured the yard, the more bones in the basement. It was always just a matter of time before the skeleton came out of the closet and the consequences were usually so much higher than they would have been originally if the issue had just be dealt with without the additional lies to cover up what had transpired. 

We are all often tempted to look at the surface of a situation and work to problem solve on that level. Many don’t want to delve deeper into the issue at hand and get to the root of the problem.

Working with surface issues is temporary and is simply a cover up. Yet even the medical profession often will provide a prescription without further investigation into the true cause of ill. 

We are becoming a society of image over substance. People no longer tell their neighbors that it is okay for the neighborhood kids to walk on their lawns rather than be out in the street. We are as a whole putting the look of grass before the well being of people and not caring about the future.

Effort is important and we all love to see beauty, but winter always comes and weeds are inevitable. Let’s face it, there is no fence high enough, no flower pretty enough, no perfume sweet enough to cover the stench and view of those who lack substance for the long term. 

Don’t focus on the temporary, focus on substance.

Look your best because you do your best. Have quality things because you live a quality lifestyle. Give generously and often because you are blessed and therefore want to bless others. Don’t be a fake, be authentic, be loving, and be kind. You never know when the person you are shallow to is the one who would have been holding the door of opportunity open to you.

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