Still facing Mayan prediction in Our Last Night On Earth with Wicker Park's Collaboraction ensemble


Jennifer Kaesheimer (front), Rebecca Miller (back), Ezra Bookman, Allison Carvalho

Though the Mayan prediction of the end of the world appears to have been "greatly exaggerated," there is still a chance for the end to come and you can participate in it at Collaboraction's Our Last Night On Earth, 1579 N. Milwaukee Ave., 3rd floor, thru Dec. 22.

What would you do, think and feel if you were facing the end? Experience eating your last orange, your last kiss. That is possible with the 13-person ensemble facing the Mayan predictions. As producer Nathan Green explains, "The message is to get in touch with shared humanity. Maybe the Mayans were predicting a shift in consciousness."

Whatever the Mayan's intent, Green and Kate Vangeloff co-created the script with 13 others. But the production is a combination of scripted action and improv which includes 13 actors, a percussionist, a bartender and the audience. The excitement is that every performance is different because every audience is different.

Friday's show will be addressing the possibility of the world ending while Saturday's show (assuming there is a Saturday) will celebrate the new beginning.


Nathan Green

"We devised the entire show thru improv," said Green. "We all thought it would be a cool hipster thing to throw a party using experiencing the end of world as a theme. Then came our dress rehearsal and we said 'OMG will it work?'"

Green has lived in Chicago for four years, having come here from Atlanta. "I'm enamored with ensemble theater and Chicago has that. New York does too but creating a 13-person show in New York would be really hard. Working with 13 dedicated voices with different opinions, each passionate about the project made this more rich. Sometimes it was messy and it was hard work. But, it worked!"

You can be part of it between 8 and 9:30 p.m. Tickets are between $15 and $25.

*Photo courtesy of Cesar Huerta



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