Silk Painting: Window into summer by Ukrainian artist


"Marks of Light"

"Silk Painting: Window into summer” is a one-man-show of works by Oleg Chuyko in the Ukrainian National Museum, 2249 West Superior St.

Colors are all the deeper, richer applied to silk on which one must technically paint differently than on canvas.

The show remains open through May 31. 

"The art lover will be pleasantly surprised with the diversity of the themes included in this exhibit. The beautiful architecture of ancient castles and the narrow, unforgettable streets of Lviv, the Carpathian Mountains in their rich shades of emerald greens, the vibrant hues of spring blossoms as they unfold, and the sparkling blue of the mountain rivers that spring to life," explains Maria Klimchak, the Museum's Curator. 


"Two lilies"



"Chuyko’s paintings speak to the viewer in a language that needs no translation – the universal language of beauty. The artist is in a constant search, experimenting with technique and color, trying to connect to his audience. Chuyko succeeds in this connection because he puts himself into a harmonious frame of mind where he can create from the depth of his spirit." 


"Melody For Violins"

"Chuyko's versatile personality combines successfully his creative work and scientific research," comments Natalya Markhaychuk, Doctor of Art Studies. "He is an engraver, a silk painter, a participant of the latest art-projects and an investigator into the Ukrainian past at the same time. His scientific interests (and their importance in studying Ukrainian sacaral culture that is little known) alternate with artistic inspiration known only for the chosen ones resulting in what we call Oleg Chuyko's artistic world." 


"Old Church"

"The artist has been hard at work on potentialities of line since it is the line that melodizes his works. You are mesmerized by the natural gestures of the flowing and round lines that are crossed and branched. Paining bouquets or landscapes sensitively, the arts mediates glorifying Harmony and Light.," says art critic Lidiya Khomyak. 

Born in 1974 in the Ivano-Frankivsk region of Ukraine, Chuyko is a graduate of the Kosiv V. Kasiyan College of Applied and Decorative Arts. He completed his postgraduate studies at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts. 


This detail of "Old Church" shows the paint used that gives the illusion that the artist used metallic thread

In 2005 he earned his Doctorate of Art Studies in 2005 from Precarpathian V. Stefanyk National University where in 2010 he was awarded an academic status of Professor of Design, in the Department of Design at its Institute of Arts. 

Chuyko has exhibited his works throughout Ukraine since 2000, with an exhibit at the National Museum in 2008. His works are in private collections in Ukraine, the U.S., Russia, Canada, Italy, Poland, Spain and Serbia. 

Admission: Adults $5.00, Children under 12 - Free.  The Museum's hours: Thurs. through Sun., 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

Free Parking is available beside the Museum. For driving instructions, visit the Museum's website. For additional information e-mail or please call 312.421.8020.



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