U.S Representative Mike Quigley honored at Ukrainian Museum


Quigley with Maria Klimchak, UNM Curator, and Lydia Tkaczuk, UMA Board President, hold the commemorative presentation

U.S Representative of Illinois' 5th District, Mike Quigley was honored at a Ukrainian National Museum (UNM) sold out Awards Dinner Friday evening, Mar. 20.

Part of a bi-partisan delegation that went to the Ukraine last April, the trip was to assess the effect of ongoing U.S. efforts in supporting the Ukraine in its battle with Russian aggression after their annexation of Crimea. 

In addition the trip was to send a clear message to Putin that the United States stands with the Ukrainian people in their efforts to preserve a free and unified Ukraine. 


Steve Demitro spoke during the ceremony

In September 2014, Quigley was behind efforts to have a joint session of congress invite Ukrainian President Petro O. Poroshenko to address them in Washington, D.C., during his September visit. 

The result was a letter to Congress, signed by 45 congressional members saying,  “Ukraine faces a pivotal moment in its history, and the United States is an important partner in Ukraine’s struggle against Russia aggression.


Dr. George Hrycelak, UNM Board Member, also preceded Quigley to the microphone

"From the beginning of the current crisis in Ukraine, the United States has supported the Ukrainian people in their aspirations toward democracy. In the face of an existential threat from Russia, it is more important than ever that the United States and our NATO partners support Ukraine. A joint session with President Poroshenko will show Congressional support for Ukraine while informing Congress of the best ways that we can support the U.S.-Ukraine relationship.”

Poroshenko addressed the congress on Sept. 18, 2014.


Steve Niketopoulos and Brian Hopkins in an animated conversation

Friday's event had a secondary theme…hockey. Quigley and Steve Demitro, a UNM Board Member, played hockey together for years. Their enthusiasm along with Ukrainian Village's Steve Niketopoulos, who was in the 2nd Ward Aldermanic race, and Brian Hopkins, who still is in the 2nd Ward Aldermanic race, are part of an adult hockey league.



Elaine --- do not say "the

Elaine --- do not say "the Ukraine"; just Ukraine. Using "the" is offensive.

Thank you, I was not aware of

Thank you, I was not aware of that and in English, it seems incorrect!

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