Bloody campaign trail leads to incumbent Il House Rep Cynthia Soto's doorstep


Some of Bob Zwolinski's bruises are transitioning to shades of yellow, his broken nose is less swollen and the wound from the staple in his forehead is healing

The bloody campaign trail in the 4th District Illinois House of Representatives race appears to lead to the doorstep of the incumbent State Rep Cynthia Soto.

The address of the staplegun wielding woman at Bob Zwolinski's campaign headquarters last Sunday, Mar. 6, is the same as the primary residence of Soto, the Chicago Police Department's investigation has revealed. 

"We do not know if this is a relative of Cynthia Soto," said Jim DiChristofano, attorney for Zwolinski. "But we do know, from the police department, that the female suspect they are trying to locate is at the same address as Cynthia Soto." 


Jim DiChristofano as he announces the address of the alleged assailant

This news came out at a press conference at Zwolinski's campaign office this Sunday afternoon. 

Zwolinski began the conference with a statement thanking the Chicago Police for their hard work as they conduct a thorough professional investigation. 

"They have identified the alleged assailants who are apparently my opponent's campaign workers. 

"I have not received an apology or statement from Soto or her campaign. We expect this kind of behavior from the Trump campaign, not a 16-year sitting Democratic Representative," commented Zwolinski. 

He also reported that he and Soto were at the same location a couple of times in the last week but she said nothing to him. 

"The real victims are the people of the 4th District," said Zwolinski. "For 16 years, Soto has voted for every tax increase and has been a puppet for the establishment. Schools are closing and jobs are leaving Illinois. My wounds will heal much faster than the ones she's inflicted on our State." 


Megan Dunworth is pictured on the left as Zwolinski and his father thank DiChristofano for taking time on Sunday afternoon for the press conference

Megan Dunworth, a teacher, who was also confronted by the female assailant last Sunday, said that neither she or Zwolinski realized, at first, that they had both encountered the woman and her stapler. 

Dunworth was in a car parked around the corner from where Zwolinski was being punched and stapled with the staplegun on the Ashland side of the building. 

"I never saw the guy, I only saw her as she pointed the stapler at my face and was yelling at me," said Dunworth. 

Fortunately Dunworth was neither stapled or punched. Zwolinski said that the pounding in his head has finally stopped.



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