Local hero Abraham Lindsey given Social Act of Courage Award


Abraham Lindsey receives Award and Gift Certificated from BCO President Steve Jensen

Abraham Lindsey was working handing out fliers for Jimmy John's, 1552 N. Milwaukee Ave., on April 28, when he heard the screams of a young woman on Winnebago near Western Ave. He sprang into action. His act of heroism garnered him the Social Act of Courage Award  and a $100 gift certificate from the Bucktown Community Organization (BCO), recognition from the Chicago Police Department's 14th District and a letter of recognition from 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack on Sat., May 18. 


Scott Waguespack presents Abraham with a framed copy of his letter

"It is one thing to read about this trend of people stealing iphones from people, but to see it is whole other experience," explained Lindsey. "It was a typical day and then I heard the young woman scream. I saw the guy taking off. The adrenalin kicked in and I chased after him. Fortunately he tripped a little and I was able to tackle him and hold him down until the 14th District Police Officers showed up." He described the offender as 40 or 50 and big. 


Sgt. Gerald Briemon, 14th Police District, presents Abraham with a certificate

Lindsey, 18, is working part time at Jimmy John's as he works on obtaining his GED.  Deneen Locke, a youth worker at Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, explained that he moved there about 8 months ago after his adoptive home was not working out. 

"Teaching people values or responsibilities pay off in a lot of ways," explained Mark Schmeltzer from Mercy's Communications Department. "We not only help boys and girls therapeutically but we try to give them tools for a better future.  We put them in good schools and give them a lot of educational and vocational support. We try to connect them with after school jobs, summer jobs…some of the older kids get internships. 


Officer Tracey Sorka, Waguespack, Bielaski, Lindsey, Briemon and Officer Brian Corcoran

"Sometimes their job is the first in their lives. They learn self reliance, how to be responsible, how to manage money and how to build a resume.  All those things that will help them tremendously no matter what they do in life…even if the next step is college, trade school or the work. 

The head of our training program explained that the kids learn a lot of intangibles that they never thought of before.  Things like interacting with adults, watching people be responsible. They realize that life is not about being a super star in sports or music.  They see how people live their lives…showing up every day…doing their job…being responsible. That kind of role model is very beneficial for them…a  light bulb goes on and connects all the pieces the pieces for them." 


Scott Bielaski, Jim John's franchisee, on Milwaukee

Scott Bielaski franchise owner of the Milwaukee Ave. Jimmy John's is one of the people who is helping young people from the 126-year old Mercy organization. "My family and I volunteer at Mercy.  I was introduced to the program about three or four years ago. We interviewed and hired three for taking around flyers and doing clean-up in the store. We have then hired  some as permanent part-time employees." 

The offender of the Winnebago offense  was booked on Apr. 29. Theron Gilmore, 48, weighing 165 and is 5' 8" tall was charged with robbery. He is in Cook County jail unable to bond out of a $200,000 bail amount. His next court date is June 3 in criminal court.




Thank you

Thank you for covering this story about a good young man doing what he can for the neighborhood. He should set an example for others to become part of their own community.

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