Mike Quigley returns from intelligence trip to Cypress


Congressman Mike Quigley

As part of the ongoing investigation into Russia and the U.S. elections, Mike Quigley, 5th District U.S. Congress, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, returned today from a two-day trip to Cyprus.

“Cyprus has a reputation as a laundromat for the Russians who are trying to avoid sanctions. It was extraordinarily helpful in understanding how the Russians launder money and why,” Quigley told The Daily Beast.

Quigley told Greg Hinz, "The Russians laundered money to avoid (U.S.) sanctions" over Russia's seizure of Crimea and other matters. That makes it front-and-center in this investigation. . . .Sanctions are the possible motives for collusion." 

While Quigley has not indicated if they are investigating Trump's new Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, he did serve as Vice-Chair of the Bank of Cyprus when they were making a deal with a Russian businessman with ties to Vladimir Putin.

Photo Elaine Coorens



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