Moreno announces former 13th Police District Station will be re-purposed


Alderman Moreno

Cook County Sheriff's Central Warrants Unit will be housed in the 13th District Police Station site, 927 N. Wood St., 1st Ward Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno just announced. "This is a promise I made and I have kept."

The proposal to repurpose this site went to the County Board of Commissioners meeting today, Feb. 27. The proposal was voted on and passed after 9 months of negotiations. Next Wednesday, Moreno will introduce an ordinance at the City Council meeting that will finalize the plan.

At least 100 Sheriffs will be based at the location for the next 10 years. The current plan is for the county to enter into a $1 annual lease through 2023 for the site.


"I made a promise to the community that this site would retain a law enforcement presence. Persuading the administration and the Sheriff’s office to make this a reality has been an endeavor, which could not have been done without the help of the community," Moreno said.

In early 2012, he formed a 5-person working group of community leaders to identify the most preferred result for the location. The members of this group were Catherine Garypie, Peter Frisbee, Ronda Locke, Grace Rappe, and Audrey Rath. Members of this working group were informed of the collaboration with the Sherriff’s office last month, and were overwhelming pleased with this news. 

Next Wednesday, it is likely that Sheriff Dart and I will have a press conference to further explain the specifics, including project timeline.

"When the announcement that the 13th district police station would be closed and consolidated with the 12th District Station, I vowed to fight for a police presence on the site. Today, I am extremely happy and proud to have kept this promise," Moreno concluded.



What was the point of the surverys?

The community voiced their opinion that we didn't want a large condo complex or a land swap deal with the Chicago Ave site. We wanted a green space. A sheriff's office wasn't even proposed. They then sent out a follow-up survey asking the community what kind of green space they wanted, as it was clear that some form of it was the consensus on the first survey. Now we're being told that the Sheriff's office will be moving into that eyesore of a building? Next time dont pretend to be interested in what the community actually wants.

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"Some wonder whether the Green Line is due for an onslaught of redirected Red Line crime — especially at the Garfield/55th Street station. Will free shuttles and free train rides attract those with crime on their minds? "The short answer is 'WHOO!'"


Oh, and now we are paying for the Sherriff's to move in. $500,000!!! $100,000 is coming from our neighborhood menu fund. Sheesh, They could have hired a security guard for the park at $40,000 a year that would have deterred more crime than the Sherriff's Dept will at $500,000.

I dare you

I dare any of the folks commenting on here to walk up to any cook county sheriff and say that they are not an officer of the law, that when they see crime their instinct isn't to act. In what world do you believe that approximately 100 sheriffs going in an out of that building, whom wouldn't otherwise be in the area won't have an impact in a district with the most CPD officers already??? So it won't be a park, you have a wonderful community park in Commercial just a few blocks away.

Commercial is nowhere close

Commercial is nowhere close to that station homie. Real talk and I'm guessing you're Sheriff's Police, we both know that once everybody realizes you guys aren't answering calls or making arrests over there...there will be a partial deterrent but partial at best. They do it out there with the cars that do answer calls.

13th and Commercial Park

Commercial Park is very close. It is 3 blocks or less.

Why is the County's Central

Why is the County's Central Warrent Unit a good addition to the community? It doesn't offer any sort of service to the community, and ISN'T what the community surveys indicated the COMMUNITY actually wanted.

This is a political STUNT. Do

This is a political STUNT. Do not be lulled into a sense of safety- these are not COPS.

he lied to us for months

he said that he had raised money for a park or an amphitheater. Now its sheriff's dept who dont even look out for crime across the street, they have no tie to the community at all.

These sheriffs won't be able

These sheriffs won't be able to patrol or arrest anyone in th e hood. Its pure bs from our out of touch alderman

This is great news

This is a great example of the city making good on it's commitments. I know the neighborhood was not thrilled about shutting down the station, but this is a good addition to the community considering the circumstances.

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