One teen fatally shot on Milwaukee Ave. in Wicker Park


The victim was Miguel Delgado from the 2500 north block of Kildare, according to the Cook County Coroner's Office. 

Gun shots were heard by police at 2:21 a.m. Sat., Sept. 14, from the 1500 north block of Milwaukee Ave. When they arrived on the scene, one 19-year-old male was found unresponsive. He was fatally shot in the head. 


Crime scene investigator photographs evidence across the street from the shooting

Three persons of interest are in police custody according to Officer John Merabelli, Chicago Police Department. It is under investigation by detectives. 


Coroner's team removes the body

On the scene, evidence officers were taking evidence on the west side of Milwaukee north of were the body laid in the street near the curb.

Part of the plate glass window of a clothing store was missing from the frame, laying partially smashed partially in sheets on the sidewalk on the east side of the street, north of the victim. 

The coroner's office removed the body after 5 a.m. The Chicago Fire Department's Truck #35 from the Damen Ave. station arrived on the scene to hose down the street as officers were removing the crime scene tape.

Some on the scene indicated that the victim had been shot three times, but that is not verified by investigators. There were apparently many witnesses as Friday night activities were beginning to wind down on the strip. 

It is believed that this is a gang related shooting but specifics are not yet official from the Police Department.


Glass lays on the sidewalk and the water is from the Fire Department's cleanup



"Reading the comments on this

"Reading the comments on this page scares me much more than the article itself" Perhaps you should turn off your computer and go hide in the closet then.

If you think that Wicker Park

If you think that Wicker Park neighborhood does not have gangs - you must be living in a bubble. There are gangs in each direction going out of Wicker Park. I live several blocks to the east and was concerned when my son attended Pritzker with all the drug and gang activity in the park. Many neighborhood residents act like it is not a problem - they turn the other way until this past month, when the violence has erupted into shootings. There is little to no activities for poor neighborhood youth in Wicker Park, only activities for those who can afford to pay park district fees. And if it exists, only after the Park Kids Program is over at 6:30 p.m. There needs to be more attention on the neighborhood youth and activities to engage and to occupy them before the gangs take hold of these kids.

Bullshit. People who are

Bullshit. People who are willing to kill other people won't do so if there are "activities" to keep them occupied?

Sad senseless killings

The city needs to find a way to get the guns out of the hands of kids. They are too young and immature to truly understand how their deaths affect their families and the communities all over Chicago. We are a great town. Lets push for more gun control within our borders.

Malum nunquam vincam

Malum nunquam vincam Editor's note: Writer, please translate. I found Malum as "wrong" or "evil unto itself" Nunquam as "never" Vincom as "conquer" Educating each other is a good thing...thanks!

Malum Nunquam Vincam = Evil

Malum Nunquam Vincam = Evil never Wins 8 years of Latin..! lol Editor's Note: THANK YOU!

Reading the comments on this

Reading the comments on this page scares me much more than the article itself. real shining gems of people giving their two cents: "I'm upset they can't conduct these executions in their own neighborhood." yes it's very upsetting to realize other people exist. "the ghetto can't just stay in the ghetto they made for themselves" A ghetto made by its own inhabitants. Now isn't THAT everyone's dream? Why can't they do all the work of systematically being pushed margins of society FOR us. We have our own problems to worry about after all.

Are we going to fight for our

Are we going to fight for our neighborhood or just flee?


It's spreading like a disease now because the ghetto can't just stay in the ghetto they made for themselves. I live off the border of wicker park and always find a group of men of all ages obviously smoking in the cul de sac of cleaver st next to Holy Trinity. Come to find out, they are ALL from the south side.... Then stay there! No use dirtying up the entire city, really. Why is Chicago so liberal? Don't they see where this has gotten us? The bad guys have guns. All of them. Let the good man carry his gun responsibly and actually have a fair shot at defending himself, come on Chicago. It works for 39 other states. There's a reason we have the most crime...

"Let the good man carry his

"Let the good man carry his gun responsibly..." Define responsible. You? George Zimmerman? What if 3 or 4 other "responsible" bystanders had guns at last night's scene. You think 4 or 5 blazing guns by a bunch of amateurs would have controlled the situation? No, you would have had innocent people minding their own business getting shot. Thanks to gun nuts like you, last night's gangbanger could very well have been legal with his carry and conceal. You're part of the problem.

But I do carry mine- and I

But I do carry mine- and I would have shot the offender dead in the street. I just wasn't there this time.

Unfortunately, Austin, gangs

Unfortunately, Austin, gangs are everywhere and this could have been "their neighborhood" too. Chicago is on a quick downward spiral. We lived there for 12 years and recently moved out of state and it's so sad to see major violence in areas that are supposed to be "safe" or I should say "safer" than other areas of the city. I'll always love the city and consider it home, but I'm happy we're gone too. Good luck, Chicago.

That's two young men dead

That's two young men dead within blocks of each other in a weeks time. All within a block or two of a CPS elementary school. Very scary.

This was no innocent teen, he

This was no innocent teen, he got shot in the head for a reason, probably just another pointless gang dispute. I'm upset they can't conduct these executions in their own neighborhood, we don't want that in Wicker Park.

how cruel can you be , that

how cruel can you be , that teen was someone son ,brother,uncle and friend !

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