Power outage cuts distribution of Chicago TV and radio station signals


The two Willis Tower antennae, partially hidden by clouds, not transmitting today

Flooding knocks out several Chicago television and radio stations. Willis Tower (Sears Tower) electricity cut.

For all those turning on their TV or radio with no station being heard or seen, it is NOT YOUR TV or radio! The problem is the Chicago River overflowing its banks. 

The CBS stations are among them. One of their engineers says that they are waiting to learn an estimate of power returning to the Willis Tower.

The 1,482.6 foot high Willis Tower is home to two antennae that send signals out for a long list of radio and television stations.

Flow of the Chicago River has been reversed, sending debris into Lake Michigan to lower the River's water level. That did not happen quickly enough to do damage to Commonwealth Edison's Level 3 Substation that feeds the Willis Tower.

According to a Commonwealth Edison spokesperson, they will not have an estimate of power returning to the Tower or other buildings on that street until the water level of the River is lowered. Flooding makes entry to their substation impossible.

Some of the affected stations are accessible online.

Photo: Elaine A. Coorens



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