Quigley slams release of Secret Nunes Majority Memo


U.S. Represetative Mike Quigley

Following the release of the House Intelligence Committee Majority Memo on Feb. 2, Illinois 5th District U.S. Representative Mike Quigley, slammed the actions of the Majority, while Senator John McCain pointed out that the big benefactor of this action is Russia's Putin. 

Quigley feels strongly that the public has the right to know how much the Trump administration was involved in creating this "misleading memo." 

“The release of the Majority’s classified memo is extraordinarily reckless and will do permanent damage to the House Intelligence Committee’s work, which has a scope much larger than Russian election interference. 

"By breaking the mutual understanding between the DOJ, FBI, and House Intelligence Committee, President Trump, Speaker Ryan, and House Republicans have all become complicit in the degradation of our democratic institutions and the undermining of key national security relationships that keep us safe. 

"This biased, incomplete, and in many instances completely false, document may provide Chairman Nunes and his allies with what they perceive as a short-term political win, but it will come at the great expense of our national security and will break the critical trust between HPSCI and the Intelligence Community. 

"It is clear that Republicans are willing to risk a constitutional crisis in order to protect this president – even at the expense of protecting the American people," he concludes then points out that he is still waiting for the answers to his questions. 

Republican Senator John McCain, who is battling brain cancer, went so far as to say the only person served by this action is Putin.



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