Wheeling carjacker captured by Smith Park Advisory Council President: CPD Officer David Ramos


David Ramos being interviewed by Larry Yellen, FOX 32, in the 18th District

Today started like any other for David Ramos, Smith Park Advisory Council President and 18th District Chicago Police Officer. But it became extra ordinary with the capture of Leon Spektor, for whom the Wheeling Police had an arrest warrant for in the Sunday carjacking with a mother and two children in the back. 


Leon Spektor*

In going through his daily routine this morning, Ramos turned on the TV. As part of FOX 32, he saw a picture of 38-year-old Spektor and heard the story of terror for the mother and children. With three sons of his own, Ramos related to the story. "I thought about how horrible that experience would be for the kids and mother," says Ramos. 

In civilian clothes, Ramos, who is the former Cook County Director of Homeland Security, drove to the Starbucks at Franklin and Chicago. "I saw this individual coming out of the Dunkin Donuts, crossing the street. He looked familiar, like the photo I saw earlier on FOX." 

To confirm his memory while keeping an eye on the suspect, Ramos used his phone to Google Spektor's photo. "He was even wearing the clothing. So I called into the station for assistance. Officer Jerome Turbyville arrived with the warrant for his arrest. Spekto was taken to our 18th District Station. 

"As he was getting in our police vehicle, he said to me, 'I didn't know that woman and kids were in the back of the car.'" 

Wheeling Officers picked up the accused at approximately 11:30 a.m., to return him to their jurisdiction. 

Ramos received shout outs from other 18th District personnel when he arrived for duty. 

In his FOX 32 report, Larry Yellen said that Wheeling Police described the offender as a homeless man.

Photo from Wheeling Police Department



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