Jack M Silverstein

Jack M Silverstein is a columnist, essayist, and social historian. His first book, Our President, was released through Keylog Books in March 2010. The book is a non-fiction collection that explores the image of Obama, and what that image means to Americans. In 2010, he served as an editor for 2007 49th Ward alderman runner-up Don Gordon's Piss 'Em All Off. Updates on Silverstein's work can be found at The ReadJack.com Blog and @readjack.

He has lived on Hoyne Ave. since 2007.

Stories from Jack M Silverstein

Grand creator of The Worm Hole coffee shop and builder of The DeLorean, James Tillapaugh


Open since June 7, the Worm Hole is loaded with 1980s memorabilia: Back to the Future, Ghost Busters, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Blues Brothers, John Hughes, Steven Spielberg. Castle Grayskull sits atop the bar. The internet password is "sorryaboutthebug-eyesthing." Written on the front window is:
"Do I want coffee?" "Yes, have some." "Yes, have some."

Learnapalooza 2010 a success


After eight months of diligent planning and coordination, Learnapalooza co-chairs Sarah Press and Maggie Schutz were thrilled to see their vision of an all-day free learning event come alive.


Learnapalooza's Maggie Schutz -- an interview


Activist and buoyant people-person Maggie Schutz is the co-founder of the upcoming Learnapalooza event on June 19 in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood.