Sergeant Paul "Scott" Jaske, 14th Police District, dies at 51


This photo of Sgt. Jaske is part of the framed "time capsule" that he created for the 14th District in 2010

Sergeant Paul "Scott" Jaske, 51, of the 14th Police District, suffered a heart attack on Jan. 2, as he was heading toward court. He passed away on Jan. 26. Visitation will be held Jan. 30 and 31 between 4 and 9 p.m. at Kolbus-John V. May Funeral Home 6857 W. Higgins Ave.

A former Marine, Jaske joined the Chicago Police Department on July 5, 1994. He worked in the 7th district and then became a detective. Shortly after making sergeant, he became part of the 14th District.

"Sgt. Jaske as a police officer dedicated his life to protect the citizens of Chicago and as a US Marine the citizens of the United States. He was a true professionalism who cared about the 14th district community and his fellow police officers. He was assigned to the 3rd watch and his absence is deeply felt. We will all miss him," comments 14th District Commander Linda Flores.

"He loved photography. Last year he took individual photos of everyone in the 14th District and put them together in a large frame that provides a time capsule for the District. It's like the one that hangs by the front desk from when the Shakespeare station was the 32nd District in January 1956. This 2010 one is his legacy and ours," explains his fellow sergeant and friend Joseph Giambrone.

His off-duty hours included spending time with family, friends and coin collecting in addition to enjoying and perfecting his skills and talents as a photographer.

"Being a good sergeant is being interested in people with whom you work and understanding the partnership with the community. Scott embodied that. He was a trusted resource for many," explained Captain Marc Buslik, a fellow coin collector. "This is a terrible loss professionally and personally. He was part of our police family, the type of person we want in the department."

Jaske was the son of the late Bernard and Irene and is survived by his brother Ross (Dina) Jaske, his sister Lynn (Don S.) Page and niece Aimee Jaske.



Shocked to hear an old friend's passing

I will send a message and my sympathies tomorrow because I an totally overwhelmed by this news. If anyone out there has a comment PLEASE RESPOND TO ME!! He was beautiful person, inside and out, I hope to hear from the people that loved and cared about him. Miss him dearly, i thought about him quite alot, even if we did not become official. I Still cannot belive his death, however knowing him he is a praticle joking. Anyway, I hope this gentle and loving man is Haunting our houses, knowing what a practical jokster he was. I MISSS HIM DEARLY!! He had a way about him that was unique and funny that u cannot replace. Also, Scotty and regret hurting you in the past. You are truly a gental soul that will not be forgottenng!!!! Fron you Friend and convident, TUNDE.

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