Welcome Rosie Quasarano to Our Urban Times


Rosie is ready for winter...sort of

We are so pleased to have Rosie Quasarano, the owner of Cup & Spoon, 2415 W. North Ave., in the WOW (West of Western) District as a writer in Our Urban Times, helping to tell the stories about more of you.

Profiled here earlier this year. it is wonderful to have her tell the stories of other people who are in our coverage area from north of Fullerton to south of Grand, between Kedzie and the River. in Chicago's near northwest side.

In her first story Rosie explains how Brock Riebe affected her life by quoting Albert Camus, “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." He was for her a beacon, a confirmation that her dream was the right one and that she could make it emerge as reality successfully.

Her passion about people, story gathering and telling means that all of you who are touched by her column will benefit greatly, be you one of her subjects or one of her readers. So be sure to stop by to see her or send us a note and we'll pass it on. Comment below too and like us and her stories on our Facebook page. You can find us on Twitter too.

Using Camus' great quote, I thank Rosie for being a beacon and spirit guide for me. Knowing that, providing stories and a platform for her, Mandee Miller and others who are coming on board, you, the reader, can learn from and be inspired by all of them and their stories, makes me a very grateful, happy camper!



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