Commander Staples, 12th District, gives update on Wood Street Station and crime


Commander Melissa Staples at her desk on S. Blue Island

Commander Melissa Staples, 12th District, 1412 S. Blue Island, who took command of the new 12th District reigns in December 2012 talks about both the old 13th District Police Station, 937 N. Wood St., and crime stats.

"Once the merge happened between the 12th and 13th Districts, the old Wood Street Station was a closed and boarded up building. When the Cook County Sheriff's office took over, they had to rehab it and then settle in," Staples explained.

"Sometimes officers need to be able to access our computer system because their mobile units are not working. Soon, they will be able to access the system, run queries and make reports at the Chicago Police Academy, 1300 W. Jackson Blvd., and the Sheriff's space, 937 N. Wood St."

These facilities will not be manned offices nor will they be open to the public as are police district stations.

Crime Stats
"While our District goals are zero crime and we are not there yet, we have had a 25% reduction in violent crimes over the last two years and 30% in the last three," said Staples

She credits more proactive actions in beats with these dramatic reductions.




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