Crime Alert: 12th District Burglaries


During March and April, there has been an increase in burglaries in the 12th District. Unknown offender(s) entered locations through a door or window and removed property during various hours of the day.


Incident locations are listed below:

  • 3100 Block of W Augusta Blvd., Mar. 19
  • 1300 Block of W Hubbard St., Mar. 19
  • 1600 Block of N. Superior St, Mar. 19
  • 1200 Block of W Augusta Blvd., Mar. 21
  • 800 Block of N. Marshfield Ave., Mar. 23
  • 1400 Block of W. Huron St., Mar. 24
  • 2000 Block of W. Division St, Mar. 27
  • 300 Block of N. Canal St., Mar. 28
  • 2700 Block of W Augusta Blvd., Mar. 31
  • 1300 Block of W. Walton St., Apr. 1

What you can do:

  • Keep the perimeter of your property well lit
  • Report suspicious activity immediately
  • Keep doors and windows secured
  • Immediately repair any broken windows, doors or locks
  • If you are a victim do not touch anything, call police immediately
  • If approached by a witness to the incident, request contact information

If you have any information Contact the Bureau of Detectives – Area Central 312.747.8384

Reference numbers are: HW209403, HW204516, HW204377, HW198949, HW199127, HW198360, HW215578, HW213654, HW201296 and HW214319.



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