Smash and grabs in parked cars around Pritzker School reminder to leave nothing in your car

Pritzker School

Pritzker School's Schiller St. entrance

A rash of smash and grab thefts in cars parked around Pritzker School, 2009 W. Schiller St. at drop off and pick up times have been occurring.

In a report by Mike Parker at CBS News, he shows a video of a man peering into the windows of a car and checking to see if the doors are open. He leaves then comes back with an object that he uses to smash the passenger window in the car. After pulling out a back pack, he goes through it then throws it back in the car.

The owner of the car explains to Parker that she walked her two children a block and a half to school from the 2100 block of W. Evergreen. The mother was unnerved wondering if the robber  had been watching her.

Another mother said that her nanny had left an open bag in the front of her car and by the time she returned from picking up the student, the window was broken and everything was taken.

These experiences are reminders to leave nothing in one's car. Not a purse, change, phone, brief case, CD, laptop or anything. To leave anything visible that looks to have value is like leaving an invitation for thieves.

According to 1st Ward Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno, "We're on it with the 14th [14th Police District]."

If you see anyone checking out cars, call 911. If you know anything about these crimes, call 911. If an incident happened earlier and you did not report the crime, call 311.



Car parking becomes a major

Car parking becomes a major issue due to increasing the number of vehicles. This problem basically takes place in public place. So a well-planned parking system should be implement at every public place. Our government has been taking several steps to reduce this problem. Traffic police and city development department are also planning for well parking place. Beside these every car holder should be careful about this.

These are frequent scenarios

These are frequent scenarios that you will find near Pritzker school. Car thefts are increasing day by day and I wonder to what technology should be implemented in order to reduce such scenes. Thanks for information. One should be very careful while parking a car. Check your lock before leaving your car. Great article.

Lights Out for over 3 Weeks Near Pritzker

The lights have been out on Schiller Between Hoyne and Damen for over 3 weeks; perhaps, this assists the thieves? Also, their images should be captured on the camera posted at the corner of Damen/Schiller?

This is nothing new - my

This is nothing new - my child went to Pritzker and these smash and grabs have happened all during the school year. They watch cars and wait to see if parents leave purses, computer bags behind. A thief once watched a parent place their computer in the trunk, waited, broke into the car, popped the trunk and stole the computer. All this in the time it took to take a Pre-K child into the building and sign them in for the day. The thieves even will steal from cars in the evening during school events - they have stolen students backpacks with only textbooks. Never ever leave anything in your car....

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