Two 12th District CPD officers saved man from dying of an overdose


Officers Rico Rodriguez and Adan Gonzalez answer questions at a press conference in the 12th District Station

Two officers from the Chicago Police Department's (CPD) 12th District, 1412 S. Blue Island, saved a man's life Thurs., Jan. 23. The 12th District is part of the CPD pilot program for the use of Narcan to combat opioid overdoses. 

Officers Adan Gonzalez and Rico Rodriguez were responding to a "shots fired" call at Chicago Ave. and Kedzie Blvd. at approximately 9 p.m. Another car made it to the site and indicated there were no shots fired. 

Just short of their destination, an unconscious male laid on the ground just east of Kedzie on Chicago Ave. He was being administered CPR by a man who was trying to flag down the officers. 

"The man on the ground looked as though he was in his 50s or 60s," said Rodriguez. "There was no pulse and he was not breathing. He was green, gray, blue…all kinds of colors. 

"My partner took over CPR and I got the pouch with the Narcan from the car. 


Easy to administer, if the patient is not overdosing, Narcan is to provide no ill effects said officers

"It is easy to use. You place it in one nostril and press the button. It automatically expels everything. We have a second one in case one nostril is blocked and you have to give a dose in the other nostril," he explained. 

According to the officers it took about three minutes for his heart to begin beating on its own. Within about 10 minutes, when the EMTs got him in the ambulance he was talking and walking and saying he didn't need to go to the hospital. At that point he looked his age of about twenty. 

Considering the amount of time for an EMT to be on the scene, Narcan appears to be a major factor in saving people from dying of opioid overdosing.

Both officers have spent their four years as CPD officers in the 12th District. They received their Narcan training about eight months ago.



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