Two shot on Wabansia at Elston early Sunday


White Hyundai was the scene of the shooting on Wabansia

The Chicago Police Department's (CPD) 14th District responded to a call at 3:50 a.m. Sunday morning, Dec. 20, on Wabansia just east of Elston where two people were shot. 


Nicole sat in her vehicle to keep warm on the corner where she sells food to party goers

"Four guys came down the street and around the corner and they just started shooting and shot some girl in the head," said Nicole, a food vendor from Indiana who sets up on the northeast corner of the intersection. "They must have started the fight in the club." 

Nicole, who had run around the corner of the building during the action, then ran to the girl who laid motionless on the ground out side a car and called 911. She then ran to get security from Koncrete, the club where the incident started. 


Johnnie McCaskell

"A man with dreadlocks in a gray shirt and blue jeans was the shooter," said Johnnie McCaskel at the scene. "Guys were fighting inside and when my friend came outside they must have thought he was part of it. They punched him and knocked him out cold. He is not a fighter. He is not the type of person who would fight anybody.

"It happened so fast, I am in shock. I don't know the man [the shooter]," he said but appeared confused about how the rest of the incident unfolded. 

McCaskel was standing in the cold coatless because his coat was in the vehicle that was the crime scene. He was shivering with tears running down his checks, as he explained that his friend convinced him to go to the club in celebration of his Dec. 22 birthday. "I never go out because of stuff like this. I sit in the house, but my friend begged me to come out tonight." McCaskel lives in University Park. 

This incident was a double punch for McCaskel because he just lost another friend to violence. "We shared the same crib as kids. He went to Tennessee and was working all the time. One night he went out and they killed him. I can't lose more friends like this." 

According to Officer Amina Greer, CPD News Affairs, both victims were taken to Illinois Masonic. The female, who was shot in the head, is 21 and the male, shot in the leg, is 23. 

The CPD report is that the offender and the victims rolled to the club together. McCaskel, who did come with the victim, said that the shooter was unknown to them. 

The shooter did flee the scene in another vehicle. 

Area North Detectives are investigating and no one is in custody at this time. 


Same place, different name. Now it is Koncrete

The club has been in the news many times related to shootings and murders. In 2012, Carey Weiman's club of many names went into the Deleterious Impact process with the Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection. At that time, the club was called Krush.



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