Woman who shot police: six counts, no bond


Emily Petronella

With six counts issued against her and a criminal history that includes a traffic stop during which a pump-action shot gun was found in her possession, Emily Petronella, 19, was sent back to Cook County jail on Sunday.

Cook County Judge Stephanie Miller denied her bail saying, Petronella "poses a real and present threat to the safety of the community." 

Petronella's next court date is scheduled for Mar. 29 at noon in Branch 66, Room #101, at 2600 South California Ave., according to Cook County State's Attorney spokeswoman Tandra Simonton. 

The Incident
At approximately 7:18 p.m. on Sat., Mar. 9, at a two-story residence in the 2700 N. block of Potomac in Chicago Police Department's 14th District, a 25th District tactical team was attempting to serve a warrant for a “narcotics and illegal weapons search at the back door of Petroneola's apartment. Standing on the inside, the offender opened fire through the closed door, hitting a 34-year-old tac officer in the shoulder. 

The officer was rushed to John H. Stroger Jr. Cook County Hospital, in critical condition. According to a report on WGN9TV, the bullet fractured a vertebrae and lodged in the officer's right shoulder muscle. Today, Monday, he had a successful surgery. 

Officers remaining at the site went through the apartment, recovering a large amount of cannabis, a semi-automatic pistol and large bundles of United States Currency. The offender was placed into custody and charged accordingly. 

In addition to five felony counts for attempted murder first degree, aggravated assault of a peace officer with a weapon, armed violence, aggravated discharge of a firearm and delivery of over 5,000 grams of cannabis plus a sixth count, a misdemeanor for bail bond violation. 

Police and Offender claims
According to CPD, police cars were in the front and back of the building with emergency blue lights flashing as they loudly identified themselves as Chicago Police officers. Then they specified that they had a search warrant before using a battering ram. 

Petronella claims that she did not know who was at her back door and was protecting herself. 

During the Saturday court appearance, the offender's attorney, Stefan Fenner, requested that the dash and body cam videos be preserved along with all police communications during the incident. 

"It's going to show what actually happened and when that comes out, we're going to be ready for a trial and my client is going to be found not guilty," Fenner said.



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