Last weekend: "Picturing Logan Square: An Exhibition of Rare Images"


On Milwaukee Ave. looking north from south of the Square

Picturing Logan Square: An Exhibition of Rare Images in the Comfort Station, 2579 N Milwaukee Ave., will be closing Aug. 31. Weekend hours are noon to 3 p.m.

The 120 some photos hung in groupings by geography date from the 1850s through the 1960s give a view back in time, showing recognizable locations that look different today. 


Co-curators Andrew Schneider and David Keel

"I have been collecting these photos for the last 10 years, though the last two  years have been the most intense," explained Andrew Schneider. "David [Keel] encouraged me to work toward this exhibit." Schneider and Keel are co-curators of the exhibit. 

"When you live in a place, it is easy to accept change in the environment as it happens. This exhibit gives people the opportunity to see the tremendous amount of change that happened in 30 years, " said Schneider. 

"Along Milwaukee Ave. [north of the Square] was an 'entertainment' district with auto dealerships and theaters," explained Ward Miller, Executive Director, Preservation Chicago. 


Joe Kopera points out what was being done during Blue Line underground construction

"I was a teen-ager and working at Spaulding and Milwaukee in about 1967 or 68 when they were building the underground Logan Square Blue Line station," said Joe Kopera, long-time Logan Square resident, as he pointed out the construction areas on an enlarged aerial view of the Monument area. 

There was a stream of visitors in the Comfort Station at the opening reception which is one big step in meeting Schneider's goal of having people be able to see how the area has changed, yet retains some of its original character. Also helping in this awareness campaign is the $10 booklet of about 30 of the images from the exhibit. 


North of the Monument, on Milwaukee Ave., looking north

"This is an impressive step back in time," commented Debbie Dodge, preservationist and Bucktown resident. "I appreciate the work they did in pulling it together.

The exhibit was co-sponsored by Logan Square Preservation and Preservation Chicago. Funding for the booklet came from Liberty Bank, which has been serving the neighborhood since 1898. Other funders are R.P. Fox and Associates, Play Logan Square and Living Room Realty.



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