Bucktown neighbors patrol the streets


Steve Jensen (l) talks with neighbors as more arrive in front of the American Legion Franklin Delano Roosevelt Post No 923, 1824 W. Cortland

In response to a rash of muggings and robberies on Bucktown streets, neighbors were out to make a statement along with 14th District Chicago Police Department (CPD) personnel Friday night. 

"Some people in various neighborhoods carry signs and chant," says Steve Jensen, President of the BCO (Bucktown Community Organization). "I'm a fan of building up curiosity of people walking passed. 

"When we did patrols on North Ave., everyone was carrying a flashlight. That looked weird so people were curious. Here we are just walking, observing and talking and people stop to ask what we are doing." 

"We encourage 'nosey neighbors'," says Liz Rios, 14th District CPD Community Organizer. CAPS Police Officer Craig Mallek agreed.

The concept is to have community members looking out for each other. A  few participants talked about how they grew up with family members sitting on their front porches. When something went wrong, the neighbors stepped in and/or called the police. 

"I feel strongly about the neighborhood. I haven't experienced much crime, but I know it is here and all of us should help to address it," said Nancy Cass. 

Another resident, fairly new to the neighborhood, said that he and his family make a point of being in front of their home. "It is nicer in the back but then we are not visible to those going by on the street and sidewalk." 

Take-away from this action is to:

  • Be visible
  • Call 311 for city services that are not an immediate need
  • Call 911 when immediate response action is needed
  • Attend beat meetings
  • Be a nosey neighbor!

With half the group on one side of Cortland and the other half on the opposite side, neighbors walk the beat


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