CPS is searching for Safe Passage partners


Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is searching for partners to expand the Safe Passage program for fall 2013. They have issued a Request for Proposals (RFP). 

According to CPS, they are working with the "welcoming" schools' community leaders and organizations at each school to use their knowledge and expertise about their communities. There is to be a plan per school which is to be developed with a partnership with the Chicago Police Department. Each plan is to take into consideration several factors. Those factors include the distance between schools, neighborhood dynamics and an analysis of other safety risks such as busy streets and intersections. CPS indicates that they will work to refine the school-by-school plans with principals, parents, community- and faith-based organizations that are most familiar with their communities on a block-by-block basis. 

“I will not waver in my commitment to ensure our students have the high-quality education that allows them to succeed regardless of where they live, and we will never improve education at the expense of student safety. That’s why we’re building comprehensive school-by-school safety plans to provide a safe and smooth transition for all welcoming school students,” said CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett. “Building on our partnerships with community- and faith-based organizations, who know their neighborhoods best, is critical to providing safe passage for all students at welcoming schools this fall.” 

More than 600 workers from ten vendors are in the Safe Passage program currently serving 35 high schools and four elementary schools. CPS's expansion will "nearly double the program." The service providers are to provide every welcoming school with safety support for children traveling to and from school. Community-based watchers familiar with their neighborhoods will be stationed at points along key routes. CPS will provide all Safe Passage partners with training on building relationships with students as well as de-escalation techniques. 

Organizations, interesting in responding to the CPS RFP, are to begin by visiting the CPS Procurement website.      



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