Extra Special Boo-Palooza cuties...The Spider plus the Rooster and Chick


"Dad, I want down!"


"Wow, what a great day to be a spider!"

It is true,  that I try to stay neutral when it comes to costumed treasures at Halloween, but during Boo-Palooza a few extra special cuties caught my attention and my lens caught them.


"Hi, you're cool! Your hair matches my socks."

For all of you that had contestants in the costume parade, my personal enchantment did not influence the Costume Parade judging. They were not in the contest! (Whew!) Or, if they were, I missed them! (Yikes!) 

The spider as well as the rooster and the chick were the ones that still have me smiling, clucking and chuckling. 

There were several dads and moms who joined in the costume theme. They all did a great job.

For me, it is particularly fun, when the costumes are the labor of talent and love.

So why did I choose the commercial rooster and his chick?

I thought it was great that a dad was willing to dress up in that hot suit (they are really hot inside) and be so caring with his little chick. That added to the cuteness.


"I'm on the move now, these extra legs sure help!"

Whoever created or bought the spider outfit, great job!

I am sorry that I do not have a video of this little araneae, an order of arachnid, in motion.

While toddling along, not always steadily, those extra "legs" created the most wonderful vision.

What do you think of these costumes and have you photos of any others to share?

Though I didn't get the names of these cuties, if you know them…or are them…please contact me.

Yes, there will be two more stories about Boo-Palooza...there were all those costumes for kids and dogs!



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