It's opening…really: Blue Line Damen Station on December 22


Red and yellow ribbon still lines the sidewalk

Hard to believe that the Damen Blue Line Station will really be opening on time, Dec. 22, when you look at all the construction items around the entrance. The sounds of saws this morning emanating from the tracks above and the red caution tape put up along the side walk on both sides of Damen last night, gave this writer the "ah, ohs" Monday night. 

The anxiety increased today when I started 45 minutes ahead of my normal schedule to get to the loop. My journey to the bus stop north of North Ave. culminated in, of course, seeing the back of the bus heading down Milwaukee Ave. heading toward Division St. and the next Blue Line stop. 


New facilities still closed off by fencing on Damen Ave.

Then there was the return trip. The bus was again timed just right. As I was coming up from underground, across the Polish Triangle, Milwaukee #56 was just starting to cross Ashland, northward bound. The mist and cold wind made the wait seem even longer than it probably was. That cup of tea sure hit the spot when I got back to my desk. 

Yes it is true…wa…wa….wa! But I, for one, will be very grateful when I don't have to spend taxi money to get to a downtown meeting or event on time. And, I will relish getting back to knowing I can make it downtown more efficiently and quickly…even if I am running late! 


CTA renderings of the Station's new look

The Damen Station opening will hopefully bring shoppers and party goers back to the Milwaukee, Damen and North intersection too.

Wicker Park and Bucktown businesses encourage everyone to get their last minute shopping list taken care of in the area. And, that partying and special gatherings between now and 2015, the restaurants and bars are looking forward to seeing returning customers!

Part of the Your New Blue Project, this completion is one more in a long list for the 4-year $492 million project.

One more positive note, I have become Ubered! Really really convenient and a little less to the same in price as a traditional taxi. It is fun too! You can watch the car on your phone as it is heading to your address! 

Share some of your experiences or appreciations on the loss and rebirth of the Damen Blue Line Station. 



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