Aldermanic 2012 redistricting in effect now?


Alderman Solis

Various Chicago alderman, whose districts were severely changed under the 2012 redistricting, were not happy when the Chair of the Council's Zoning Committee, 25th Ward Alderman Danny Solis, announced his decision to recognize the city's new ward boundaries now. He said that "when it comes to making pivotal decisions on zoning and sign orders " the new boundaries should determine what alderman is to handle the issue, as reported by Fran Spielman in the Chicago Sun-Times.


Alderman Fioretti

The 41-8 vote creating these new boundaries took place on  Jan 19, 2012, but there was no "flip the switch" date established and the process to make the switch appeared to be non-existent.

For the November 2012 elections, everyone received new voter cards with the new ward numbers on them. Those that voted did so in their new wards. Zoning issues and city resources have and continue to be on a ward by ward basis. In our areas, Burnett (27), Colon (35), Moreno (1) and Waguespack (32) (Maldonado's office (26) has not responded to our queries) have been responding to requests from both former and new constituents.


Alderman Moreno

New developments in the old 1st Ward, Proco "Joe" Moreno's (1) area are now being handled by the new alderman, Scott Waguespack (32). An example of this is the Winnebago project. The section that was in the 1st Ward is now being handled by Waguespack who also as the area on the Milwaukee Ave. side of that huge parcel between Leavitt and St. Paul.

Whereas 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti is interested and willing to represent both the old and new 2nd Ward, he indicated as recently as Friday evening, Jan. 25, that there has been a judgment about aldermanic representation. "On the second page, second paragraph of the opinion it states that if someone has to leave office prematurely, there are only three ways that an alderman can be taken out of the Ward. It is by resignation, conviction or death. And the new person does not represent new boundaries but the old ones."

The reality is that until all the "switches are flipped" not all the data is visible on the City's websites for viewing by each ward. So what do you do as a resident or business owner. If it is a new issue, go to the alderman in the new boundaries for zoning. If the issue is something that you have been dealing with the "old" alderman, go to that office. If they think you should go to the alderman in the "new" ward, they will tell you. And if it is not zoning, check with the new ward office and see if they can even view information on the City site that they need to be able to access in order to assist you.





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