February aldermanic slate not set but races getting dirty: Moreno vs Locke


Joe Moreno

A formal complaint was sent to Faisal Kahn, Legislative Inspector General (LIG), by 1st Ward Aldermanic candidate Ronda Locke about incumbent Proco "Joe" Moreno.

At issue are two incidents, a text message and election day actions at a polling place by Moreno workers. 


Ronda Locke

The letter to Kahn was to register a formal complaint of unbecoming behavior in Moreno's re-election campaign. 

Text message
On October 11 at 9:30 a.m. text was sent by Moreno to Locke. According to Locke, some people think this was sent to her in error. Others believe that it was intended to be a form of intimidation. Below is an image of the text. 


Text as seen on Locke's phone

Election day, Nov. 4
Like others, Locke was by the 1st Ward Polling Place (Precinct 5, 10 and 11) at LaSalle II elementary school, 1148 N. Honore, where she serves on the Local School Council (LSC) and the Parent Teachers Organization (PTO). 

There are five points that Locke describes in the complaint:

  1. Voters coming to the site felt intimidated by the 10 to 15 Moreno workers who swarmed them.
  2. Moreno canvassers, who she confirmed were being paid, encouraged people who signed her petition to sign theirs. "II expressed that voters were to sign only one and they laughed saying just see whose notary happens first."
  3. Moreno canvassers yelled to each other statements like "she is a back stabber…Joe gave her money even to her family…" Locke says the accusations were not true.
  4. "When I finally corrected Juan ‘Johnny’ Elias, Joe Moreno’s campaign manager asking that he ‘use facts’ and that ‘Joe never gave my family money’, he confronted me in a threatening way, making stabbing motions on his back, screaming repeatedly 'you’re an ingrate, a back stabber.'  Johnny followed me for at least 40’ while I tried to walk away from him, saying this repeatedly until I finally turned around to him and told him if he did not stop I was going to call the police."
  5. As school was being let out and some students standing out side the school doors, Elias jumped in a car and screamed repeatedly "Ronda Locke said F___ to me," she reported.

Alderman Moreno' response to this reporter, "No comment." 

1st Ward Candidates
To date the unofficial listing from the Board of Elections for filed candidates for the 1st Ward are Moreno and challenger Anne Shaw. 

Those who have not filed are Locke and Andrew Hamilton. Both have been out soliciting signatures for their petitions and appearing at multiple community organization events. 

Monday, Nov. 24 is the final day for candidates to submit their petitions for the Feb. 24, 2015, elections. 

LIG Complaints
Complaints to the LIG go through a process which starts with a signed and sworn complaint.  After preliminary investigation, if there is cause, the LIG will request a formal investigation from the Board of Ethics (BOE). The BOE meets on a monthly basis. 

If the BOE makes the determination that a formal investigation is warranted, the LIG then has authority to proceed with a formal investigation thus being able to issue subpoenas. Notification to the subject under investigation is made within 7 days by certified letter.  The formal notification letter describes the nature of the allegation/s but does not reveal the complainant's name.  The subject and their attorney have the opportunity to contribute any names of witnesses or materials to the OLIG for the purposes of the investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation, the LIG sends a formal report to the BOE for a ruling.  Only at the time that the BOE conducts a hearing is the subject given the right to know the identity of the complainant. 

At the conclusion of the investigation the LIG presents his report to the BOE. According to the BOE Rules and Regulations, "...no alderman or City Council employee shall be determined or found to have violated Chapters 2-156 or 2-164 of the Municipal Code of Chicago unless the BOE so determines that a violation has occurred only after the subject has exercised or waived his or her right to a hearing conducted by the BOE in which due process rights are afforded, in accordance with Chapters 2-156 and 2-164 of the Municipal Code of Chicago."






Locke complaint

Ald. Joe Moreno goes after the woman vote? Joe Lake

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