Welcome to Our Urban Times. We are the only locally owned and published community newspaper dedicated to news and information relative to our near northwest Chicago community which roughly covers the area from north of Fullerton to south of Grand between the River on the east and Kedzie on the west*.

Our intent is to be the place where community communicates.

You are an integral part of making the community work. Your knowledge of and involvement in your community is important for you and the community. Our Urban Times is available to assist you in those efforts.

You can post items on our unified, consolidated Calendar of Events. You can comment on stories and share your thoughts on subjects.  To register for putting items on the calendar, send us your sign-on name and email address. We'll sign you up. We were hacked so until we have our new website up...we'll be doing this the old-fashioned way...manually!

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We began publishing on Dec. 29, 2009. But we use Feb. 1, 2010, as our official start date. We are owned by Coorens Communications, inc. and our Editor/Publisher is Elaine Coorens.

*Neighborhoods include:  Bucktown, Chicago-Grand, East Village, Noble Square, Pulaski Park, Ukrainian Village, WestTown and Wicker Park as well as part of Humboldt Park and Logan Square