Free spay/neuter surgeries during month at Tree House


Free surgeries are available to pet owners throughout the month of February by the Tree House Humane Society at the BDVM Mac Lean Spay/Neuter clinic located at 1629 N. Ashland.

With about half of the estimated six to eight million homeless animals annually euthanized, it is important for pet owners to spay/neuter their pets.  Often the homeless animals are offspring of purebreds and other beloved family pets.  Being a responsible pet owner will help in the reduction of the feral population, and help support Tree House's efforts for a humane and healthy environment.

Appointments are required.  Call 773.227.5535 ext 3.  Dog appointments are on Tuesdays and cats are Wed. thru Sat.

What is spaying and neutering?  Spaying is a procedure on a female animal that removes the ovaries, preventing reproduction. Neutering refers to the castration of a male animal, though the term neutering is often used when referring to both females and males. Performed by a veterinarian, these surgical procedures render the animal incapable of reproducing.

In addition to behavioral differences, it is reported that there are long-term benefits for the animals that include the elimination of breast cancer and prevention of uterine infections as well as uterine and testicular cancer.

The clinic which opened in May 2009 services the Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods and provides shelter to a number of feral cats throughout the year.  It is a part of the Tree House Humane Society located in Uptown.

For more info:  American Humane Assn., The Human Society of the US, and Dog Owner's Guide



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