DreamBox Gallery's nod to neighborhoods...Open Call for Open Wall


Tom Robinson with his portrait of Kristen Anderson

In keeping with the "In The Neighborhood" theme of Chicago's Artists Month, Iwona Biedermann's DreamBox Gallery, 2415 W. North Ave., had a one piece, one night art installation of from 50 artists called Open Call for Open Wall. 


Peter Novak

The non-juried show was curated by Biedermann and Tom Robinson. Robinson was further challenged at 3 p.m. on Thursday. At that point he began arranging the pieces for installation of the four-hour . "Tom finished by 9 but I was here until 2 a.m.," said Biedermann. The exhibition was installed for a four-hour showing on Friday. 


Tracey King stands next to Avery R. Young's painting

"An open show with no theme cultivates and acknowledges the creative currency that artists possess. When they are capable of claiming the creative currency, things open up. In this case, I opened the doors not only to visual arts but to poets and musicians," Biedermann explained. 

Robinson, longtime Wicker Park artist and teacher, exhibits his one piece, a portrait, which was painted in one hour. "It is one of the best things that I have ever painted. But, my first reaction was 'I can't charge much for this. It only took an hour.' My friends all convinced me that it is one of my best pieces and that pricing does not necessarily equate to time spent." 


Mark Narens

His portrait is of Kristen Anderson, who is part of a group of models that he uses. He actually began it few years ago with a sketch. While he concentrated on his wood mosaics for the last 7 years, he set his paintings aside. This painting is one of a series of ten which he recently completed. "I am very happy with it," he said as he smiled at his work. 

Another female portrait was the creation of Peter Novak from Mt. Prospect. Self-taught, he drew and painted for years, then stopped. Have he married, his wife encouraged him to start painting again when she wanted to add artwork to their walls. 


Scott Wills

A construction worker, Novak explains, "I come home and set up my stuff in the kitchen and start painting." 

South Shore's Tracey King explained that her spoken word presentations were described as her being "the poem and what flows through me is the very breath of the poet."  For the evening she was going to be reading the work of Avery R. Young, who also had a painting in the show. 


Fletcher Hayes

King, who is an executive legal secretary, said that as a result of her interest in the spoken word and the work that her employer does for the City, she has been able to give poetry workshops for the Chicago Public Schools in their diversity program. 

Mark Narens is part of a group called Simply Wicked Art in Buffalo Grove. His piece in the show is called "Silent dancers" and was painted on a former glass window. With 30 years of painting and drawing under his belt, he and his organization do a lot of teaching. 


Kim Laurel's "Pony"

"We help people with art and music. We raise money so we can teach kids between 9 and 23 that they can make beautiful things." Their focus is to have the art be created from recycled items.

A graphic designer by day, Scott Wills from Roscoe village is sculptor by night and weekend. "Since my pieces are free-standing, I brought a drawing that I did some time ago." His "Reclining woman" was done with conte crayon, pastels and some charcoal. 


Kim Laurel's piece focuses on a children's play theme while Fletcher Hayes plays with the viewer in his photo image. Called "Contemporary containment," Hayes explained that he was "fortunate to be there at the right time to take the shot."  The "incident" that appears to have happened is actually 12 different photos which Hayes  merged together. 

Musicians for the evening included JohnnyComesLate -- TJSet, Tadek Majewski and Janusz Klonowski.



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