Astrologically Speaking: November 7 - 14, 2011

Highlights: November 2-12

MARS OPPOSED NEPTUNE Natural forces, convergences, and random events will ignite imagination, anger, and weather. The hardest hit are heads of state, community leaders, and corporate executives. Idealists and egomaniacs are also at risk! It's best to remain flexible and keep a sense of humor but also use a firm hand on the wheel. This time is especially volatile for those born August 15-20 and February 14-19, but also May 15-20 and November 14-19.

November 6 END OF DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME: Sunset comes an hour earlier and it catches everyone off guard. This inspires a bit of primal fear of darkness with some imbalance, but it can also bring people together for consolation! It takes about a week to adjust circadian rhythms.


The Moon opposes the Sun on a full man

November 8-12 THE FULL MOON: This time frame gives options to interact with elitist or special interest groups. Each group holds unique rewards but those who wish join should prepare custom-made campaigns and apropos contributions. On the flip side, a few scary scenes during this full moon inspire a worst-case analysis reflex. A good reason to study tragedy is to glean pointers on how to avoid it. Put another way: advance troubleshooting is something lucky people do habitually!

Monday, November 7


Mercury and Venus are near Antares the scorpion's heart: persuasion is powerful now

MOON SQUARE PLUTO 1:15 AM EST: Stock up on basics like cash, commodities and life necessities to be secure and productive. Survival instincts teamed with extra charm in personal relations win big time. Extra care in workplace politics is advised.
MOON TRINE MERCURY 2:15 AM EST:  It is easy to accomplish important communications in a short period of time. Information is available, presentations are creative, and goals are clear!
MOON TRINE VENUS 2:30 AM EST: A positive outlook includes use of survival techniques, persuasion, and street smarts. Notions seem high flying but also distinctive, brilliant, and beneficial.
MARS OPPOSED NEPTUNE (all day): Sensitivity and potentially explosive conditions need relief or prevention. Keep a clear head and help others do the same.


The earth grid points or vortices are often places of mystery i.e. Bermuda Triangle

Tuesday, November 8

MOON OPPOSED SATURN 3:15 EST: Expect testy circumstances, challenges from authority figures, and invasive rules. Self-discipline, flexibility, and poise are a big help here. Cultural or scientific guidelines deserve respect.
MARS OPPOSED NEPTUNE Imagination multiplies and treacherous treacherous what? afoot become more complex-and more intriguing. Even leaders are prone to excessive idealism and its traps.
FULL MOON 1/6 Momentum builds as scintillating personalities expand their cult followings. Even if a person feels trapped there is a way out of a trap. Use active imagination and positive attitude; powerful weapons!


In 1994 a broken up comet (left) hit Jupiter...see pink mark at lower left on Jupiter's face

Wednesday, November 9

MOON TRINE MARS 12:45 PM EST: There are redeeming qualities in leaders if they carry a noble mission and observe science or health guidelines.
MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER 10:15 PM EST: Very fortunate options are available. It's easy to track opportunities via an ear on the ground and a finger on the pulse. Alternately, enlist an expert or consultant who monitors and reports on important developments.


Full Moon from the space station. Earth is left

FULL MOON 2/6 Hyper-awareness of the drive of leaders and the psyche of the masses is information overload. However, also it is smart to know the zeitgeist.
High sensitivity continues and volatile situations become more fueled by world events and...?
MOON TRINE PLUTO 2 PM EST: When at a loss it is always progressive to go directly to primary sources, basic truths, and salty proverbs.

Thursday, November 10

FULL MOON PEAK 3/5 This is the climax of the month and it could border on emotional reactions or the surreal. Everyone experiences mood swings; mania and depression. The mid-zone is a good place to cultivate.
MARS OPPOSED NEPTUNE The best way to navigate through chaos is instinct -mixed with athletics. If you feel the rough waters are too much, find a skipper to carry you to safety.

Friday, November 11


Images of the planetoid Chiron. In 2011-12 it aligns to Neptune: sage advice averts excess

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE 11:30 AM EST: It is easier to root out the problem when you align with heroic types. Villains and tragic figures are best kept at bay.
4 PM EST: Righteous indignation is rampant. Sometimes it is best to fight fire with water. Or fly away: walk away from trouble!
Earn good will by helping those with sensitive feelings or those in adverse situations. Put yourself in someone else's shoes to avoid judgment. This is a time to demo compassion within reason.
High drama continues; people are aware of potentially tragic situations or get ample warnings!

Saturday, November 12


Orion the giant hosts the Moon today, starts in it enhance fame so some people get publicity!

MOON OPPOSED MERCURY 6:15 EST Another point of view is helpful though it could just add to competition. This is a great time to talk up pet projects and mount great ideas for distribution. It is normal to be obsessed with power and influence.
8:15 PM EST: There is a need for positive reinforcement during this awkward time. However, sometimes it is wise to get away from the usual crowd, customary pleasures, and habitual comforts! Hyper-competitive motives are everywhere. Aggressive behavior is likely but can be toned down as appropriate.
Corruption, confusion, and chaos are ignited by imagination. Camaraderie is a mixed bag as it contains hyper-idealism and aggression!


Supernova 1987a continues to evolve since its discovery: worth tuning into once in a while!

FULL MOON FINAL Lessons continue and creativity is sparked resulting in new-born alliances. Everyone goes forward with a better idea of what to aspire towards in life as well as what to avoid.

Sunday, November 13

MOON TRINE SATURN 4:15 AM EST: Support from established structures is available. That includes advice from elders or authority figures and safety nets of tradition.
10:45 EST Intuition, compassion, imagination, and spirituality enter into current events. Past experience dictates a handle-with-care policy.

Monday, November 14


A disk of matter surrounds a star. This indicates planet formation is taking place! (actual starlight blocked out in center)

MOON SQUARE URANUS 4 AM EST: Surprise developments make people nervous. Those who can keep the peace and use various forms of genius will take the lead. Triumph over obstacles breeds leaders and instigators.
1:30 PM EST Power struggles may be just posturing. Smart people focus on sustaining elements like love and commodities!

Next week: MARS TRINE JUPITER Luck comes to those who work with style and purpose. Helping those less privileged is a good move to elevate self-esteem and nurture the next generation. By contrast, unstable human features like bad habits or negative thoughts are better off dead! A pre-req for entrance to paradise is a clear conscience.




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